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Gun control activist accused of shooting at Louisville mayoral candidate. Attorney claims suspect has history of mental health issues.

Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg (left); shooting suspect Quintez Brown (right). (Image source: YouTube screenshot, composite)

A gun control activist has been accused of shooting at a Louisville mayoral candidate on Monday morning — but the suspect's attorney claimed his client has a history of mental health issues and asked a judge to take that into consideration.

What are the details?

Quintez Brown, 21, was charged with attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment in connection with the shooting at the office of Democratic mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg, the Louisville Courier Journal reported.

The paper added that Brown is a civil rights activist as well as a former intern and editorial columnist for the Courier Journal. And in 2019, he wrote an op-ed for the paper titled "Kentucky's concealed carry law shows your life doesn't matter to gun-loving Republicans."

Here's how that op-ed begins:

Your life has no meaning to the irresponsible politicians in Frankfort who time and time again choose the National Rifle Association over your life.

Their support for Senate Bill 150, which allows Kentuckians to carry concealed weapons without a permit, is yet another warning: They've put a price tag on your life and decided that the blood money they receive from the NRA is more valuable.

Every time lawmakers vote against gun safety, and thus the lives of our most vulnerable, they show that their hearts can be as cold as the steel of the guns they praise.

A man later identified as Brown entered the building and fired a 9mm Glock handgun at Greenberg before fleeing, the Courier Journal said, citing a police report.

An initial story from the paper said that despite multiple gunshots — including one that grazed Greenberg's clothing — no one was injured.

At a press conference, Greenberg said he and four staff members were gathered for a meeting when a man walked in, "pulled out a gun, aimed directly at me and began shooting."

Craig Greenberg addresses the mediayoutu.be

About 10 minutes after the shooting, officers found a man matching the suspect's description less than a half-mile from the campaign headquarters carrying a loaded 9mm magazine in his pants pocket, the Courier Journal said, citing the arrest report.

The man also had a drawstring bag with a handgun, handgun case, and additional magazines, the paper said, citing the report.

In addition, the Courier Journal — citing the report — said the building's surveillance video showed the suspect wearing clothes matching Brown's and carrying a matching bag.

How did Brown plead?

Brown on Tuesday pleaded not guilty to the charges against him in his first court appearance, the paper said in a separate story.

Attorney Rob Eggert entered the not guilty plea on Brown's behalf, requested a bond decrease, and urged the court to take Brown's mental state into consideration, the Courier Journal reported.

Eggert noted that Brown — a senior at the University of Louisville — has no criminal record, strong community ties, and a history of mental health issues, the paper said, adding that Eggert also indicated he plans to have Brown evaluated as soon as possible.

The prosecutor's office asked that Brown's bond be increased from $75,000 cash only to $100,000, which the judge agreed to, the Courier Journal said, adding that Brown's next court date is set for Feb. 23.

What else do we know about Brown?

Brown — who was involved in the racial justice protests of 2020 — disappeared last summer but was found safe July 1 after being missing for about two weeks, the paper said.

After he went missing, family and friends formed several search parties, distributed flyers, and met at locations around the city to look for him, the Courier Journal added.

In a statement after he was found, his family said "we are asking for privacy and would appreciate everyone's patience and support while we tend to the most immediate need, which is Quintez's physical, mental and spiritual needs," the paper noted.

Brown also recently announced he would run for Metro Council, the Courier Journal said. His Twitter bio reads, “We have one scientific and correct solution, Pan-Africanism: the total liberation and unification of Africa under scientific socialism."

He also posted a piece on Medium last month titled, "A Revolutionary Love Letter." In it, Brown wrote, "I am writing this to remind you how great you are. During our short stay on this glorious planet we all have been collectively dehumanized and reduced to political talking points — Black, white, liberal, conservative, Christian, criminal, boss, worker, activist, etc. We have been educated to use our minds narrowly and forced to identify ourselves with roles that trap us in a collective perpetual state of anxiety." He added, "We have forgotten how harmonious this thing called life is and have fallen victim to a vicious circle of pain and suffering."

Well-known Louisville activist Quintez Brown charged in attempted shooting of mayoral candidateyoutu.be

(H/T: National Review)

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