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Sen. Josh Hawley shows up at UAW picket line, offers blunt solution to worker grievances: 'Invest in America'
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Sen. Josh Hawley shows up at UAW picket line, offers blunt solution to worker grievances: 'Invest in America'

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley visited the United Auto Worker picket line in Missouri on Monday, offering support for the workers and a solution to the problems the strike is highlighting.

One day after Reps. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) visited the General Motors union workers in Wentzville, Hawley showed his support for the striking workers and suggested the solution to the problem is to stop offshoring the manufacturing process to China.

"Privilege to visit the picket line in Wentzville today — these workers deserve better pay, better benefits, and a GUARANTEE their jobs will stay in America," Hawley wrote on X.

"These companies are making billions in profits — and spending billions on idiotic 'climate change' initiatives that make China rich and kill American jobs," he explained. "Spend that money on American workers."

Hawley met with workers who shared stories behind their motivation to go on strike. The common theme: too many hours for not enough pay. The solution, according to Hawley, is domestic investment.

"America made these huge corporations what they are. Now they owe some loyalty — and basic fairness — to American workers. Stop offshoring. Stop investing in China. Stop making American workers compete with slave labor. Invest in America," he said.

Hawley later told reporters that car manufacturers have been "cheerleaders" for the Biden administration's "pro-China policies."

"If these [car companies] want to go along with all of this climate stuff and they want to send more jobs to China, I'm certainly not going to defend them," Hawley said. "My message to them is: Quit outsourcing, quit offshoring, stop all of their woke policies, all of their electric garbage, all of their climate garbage. Invest that money in American workers."

UAW workers are demanding, among other things, significant pay increases and a 32-hour work week with 40 hours of pay. Executives of the major car companies argue the demands would bankrupt them.

President Joe Biden visited the picket lines in Michigan on Tuesday.

The White House rushed to send Biden north after former President Donald Trump announced plans to visit the striking workers instead of attending the second Republican primary debate. Trump's plans sent Democrats into a tizzy, worrying them that his campaign is politically outmaneuvering Biden's campaign.

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