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'Heartless monster' NY Gov. Cuomo torn to shreds by Meghan McCain, Megyn Kelly for insult to Fox News' Janice Dean


Cuomo's office called Dean — a Cuomo critic who lost both in-laws to COVID-19 — 'not a credible source on anything except maybe the weather'

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It hasn't been the best kickoff of the new year for far-left New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo:

What now?

But now Cuomo may have outdone himself.

You might recall that Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean has been a vocal critic of Cuomo's handling of New York nursing homes amid the coronavirus — particularly as she lost both of her in-laws to COVID-19 in 2020.

Earlier this week, Dean ripped Cuomo's botched coronavirus vaccine rollout, calling it a "disaster ... it is just another leadership failure from this governor," Fox News reported.

"I have been covering him for about 10 months, and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he is interested in being a celebrity instead of being a governor," she added, according to the cable network.

How did Cuomo react?

When Cuomo's office was asked about Dean's comments earlier this week, the response was as follows: "Last I checked, she's not a credible source on anything except maybe the weather," the Wrap reported.

Uh oh.

Then what?

Fox News contributor Guy Benson had the following to say in response: ' Wow, what an a**hole."

Then Meghan McCain and Megyn Kelly joined in to defend Dean:

  • "After @Janicedean lost BOTH her in-laws this year in NY nursing homes, instead of mourning with her and listening to her, Cuomo smears her," McCain — who co-hosts "The View" — tweeted. "There is blood on your hands Cuomo, and we all know it. You disgust me, you absolute heartless monster."
  • "@JaniceDean *is* an expert on how Cuomo's orders killed 6k+ ppl, including her in-laws," Kelly wrote. "She had to become one. B/c the media didn't give a damn. And when she spoke up, the media mocked her for going beyond weather — just like Cuomo did here. And all of those ppl can F right off."

Dean, as you might expect, was happy with the support from McCain and Kelly:

McCain added an insurance policy, later telling Dean: "I would wrestle an ox with my bare hands for you my sister. No one is going to let off what Cuomo has done to your family and so many others."

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