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Hillary Clinton says the election isn't about disagreement, it's about the 'rise of authoritarianism' and a 'direct attack' on democracy

Image Source: PBS YouTube video screenshot

Hillary Clinton characterized the 2024 election as not of one between two parties disagreeing about policy, but about the "rise of authoritarianism" and a "direct attack" on democracy.

Clinton made the comments at the end of an interview with PBS published Friday when asked to address the very bad forecasts for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.

"I think it depends upon, you know, number one, whether Democrats are willing to point out the extremism that has captured the Republican party," said Clinton.

"And to make it clear, this is not about special interest groups, this is not about one group of Americans versus another, this is about the rise of authoritarianism within our own country," she claimed.

"This is a direct attack on our democracy," Clinton concluded. "So if Democrats are willing, you know, not only to address the issues that are kitchen table issues, which we do pretty well, but also to raise some of the concerns about what kind of country we're going to have, I think that we can do better than is predicted."

Clinton suffered a legal defeat when a judge ruled in favor of a request from U.S. special counsel John Durham to have some Hillary Clinton-Fusion GPS documents revealed in court that were previously protected by attorney-client privilege.

Elsewhere in the interview, Clinton said that the conservative justices on the court had suffered a "brain change" about whether Roe v. Wade, the landmark abortion decision, had enough precedent to continue in force.

She also claimed that the campaign to end abortion rights by overturning Roe v. Wade was motivated on the part of Republicans by a desire to institute a patriarchal form of government on the U.S.

Here's the video of Clinton's comments:

Hillary Clinton discusses war in Ukraine, democracy in the U.S. and future of Roe v. Wadewww.youtube.com

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