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Hundreds of documents by Newtown killer released — including these bizarre stories he wrote


A stunning insight into the horrible massacre

Image Source: Connecticut State Police via Getty Images

Hundreds of new documents obtained by The Hartford Courant reveal the bizarre and disturbing writings of the killer in the Newtown massacre that took 26 lives, mostly grade school children.

Among the findings were a spreadsheet made by the killer of 400 mass murderers, a bizarre play about pedophilia, and other disturbing notes about his hatred for humanity and inability to connect emotionally to anyone.

The Courant reports that they mounted a five year campaign to try to get the documents from the government, and finally prevailed. The documents were a part of writings, records and computer files that were seized by law enforcement officials after the shocking massacre.

In one of the more disturbing revelations, an outline for a screenplay written by the killer puts pedophilia in a favorable light.

The play, entitled "Lovebound," was supposed to display "the beauty in the romantic relationship between a 10-year-old boy and a 30-year-old man," according to the killer.

The killer also had a severely sensitive reaction to touch - so much so that he compared doctor examinations to pedophilia.

"Honestly, doctors touching my penis when I was a child was worse than it would be if I consented to an adult in a loving relationship with them," he wrote.

"I don't see how I and every child was not raped by doctors," he explains. "We did not consent to it. We only did it because our parents made us. Which is another point: If we as a society taught children that they are independent of their parents and that they should not blindly follow them, they would not be abused by their parents in the way they often are."

Another document released was "The Big Book of Granny," which was written by the killer in fifth grade, and was the first time his writings reference violence. In the book, the protagonist kills young children.

The killer had an intense disdain for all of humanity, as revealed by an interaction he had with another video game player.

"I incessantly have nothing other than scorn for humanity," he said. "I have been desperate to feel anything positive for someone for my entire life."

He also despised people who didn't starve themselves as he did, and criticized fat people often. At the time of the massacre, Lanza was 6 feet tall and weighed under 115 pounds, which likely exacerbated his mental condition through malnourishment and starvation.

"In this mental state... only the solipsist is real."

The Newtown killer was described by former Hartford HealthCare director of psychiatry Harold Schwartz as suffering from a solipsistic mental state.

"In this mental state, known as solipsism, only the solipsist is real," Schwartz explained. "Everyone else in the world is a cardboard cutout, placed there for your benefit and otherwise devoid of meaning or value. It is the most extreme end of one form of malignant narcissism. If the victims have no value than there is nothing to constrain you from shooting them."

Here's a news video about the newly released documents:

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