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Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cocaine wash up on Florida beaches from Hurricane Dorian


Found on two separate beaches

NOAA via Getty Images

Hurricane Dorian pushed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cocaine onto the beaches of Florida.

The first cocaine bricks, about 15 kilos worth in a red duffle bag, showed up over the weekend on Cocoa Beach. The cocaine was discovered by a beachgoer, who contacted the police. The find was reportedly worth roughly $300,000.

Another brick of cocaine washed up in Melbourne on Tuesday. The two sites are roughly 14 miles apart.

"There is a possibility that more will come onshore. Especially now with these conditions. It could be coming from anywhere," Manny Hernandez, a spokesman for the Cocoa Beach Police Department, told USA Today.

Hernandez warned that handling the cocaine could lead to an accidental overdose if the drug is absorbed through pores.

In a photo released by the police department, one of the bricks can be seen with the letters "DIAMANT" stamped on the front of it — possibly part of the Spanish word "diamante" or "diamond." The cocaine was secured by federal agents and will reportedly be destroyed.

Hurricane Dorian skirted the coast of Florida, and is expected to make landfall in the Carolinas on Thursday. It has been pummeling the coast with heavy rain and wind. It has also, as in the case of the cocaine, pushed debris onto the beaches.

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