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Male cycling team smashes female competition, wins 2 women's championships in 4 days

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A team of male cyclists who identify as women won two gold medals in separate Illinois tournaments in just four days after defeating their female competitors.

Transgender cyclists Evelyn Williamson and Tessa Johnson won the xXx Racing-Athletic Relay Cross in Chicago on August 27, 2023, under the team name TS-ESTRODOLLS, an homage to estrogen hormones, according to Breitbart.

Then, on August 31, 2023, they also placed first in the state championship at the Ed Rudolph Velodrome in Madison, Illinois.

Williamson has been racing in female competitions since 2017 and has won 18 titles, the Daily Mail reported. However, according to records on Road-Results.com, Williamson competed in both male and female competitions in 2020. In the two female competitions, Williamson placed first and second, but he did not place in the male competition of 40 riders.

Johnson, who has competed under his previous name Michael, has been much more dominant. He competed in and won three men's competitions in eight days in 2019. It is no surprise that he went on to win eight consecutive women's races in 2022.

Williamson is also reportedly in a relationship with a third transgender cyclist named Austin Killips. Killips has been accused of shoving a female cyclist and recently won a women's race by more than five minutes.

That female cyclist, Hannah Arensman, later decided to retire because she knew she could not qualify for the Olympics against the male competitors.

"I realized that if an opportunity presented itself to say something on behalf of other women, then I would take it," she said.

"This has gone on long enough, it has gone far enough. It should never have reached this point, it should never have been allowed. Someone has to take responsibility."

'"This is not fair sport, and the governing bodies, who should have made the rules at the beginning, need to realize it. The very people who should be protecting our sport are not doing so," Arensman added.

Williamson appeared to identify as "polyamorous" as well, having described dating "together" with cycling teammates.

"I got along with everyone, and it just kind of worked out. … There was no expectation that we would all date together. But it just so happened that that worked out really well for all of us," he told Bicycling.com.

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