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Jane Fonda declares 'we have 11 years' until climate 'catastrophe' — so we must 'mobilize by the millions in the streets' to stop it


'It's only going to get worse as climate gets worse and more and more people are harmed'

Image source: MRC-TV video screenshot

Far-left actress Jane Fonda declared on "The View" Tuesday that we have only 11 years until the Earth faces a climate "catastrophe" — and therefore we must all go into the streets and protest in order to stop it.

Fonda, 81, has been leading weekly climate change protests in Washington, D.C., she calls "Fire Drill Friday," CBS News reported, adding that she moved to the nation's capital to fight climate change and has been getting arrested in the process.

She told co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Abby Huntsman, and Joy Behar that her holding cell's conditions "weren't great for old bones like mine" but that she felt worse for people the government doesn't take care of with "social safety nets" and who often end up in jail.

Fonda added that “it's only going to get worse as climate gets worse and more and more people are harmed."

'We have 11 years'

“Even the climate scientists are saying we're not going to be able to turn it around," Fonda said. "We have 11 years to avoid catastrophe, and we can't do it unless people mobilize by the millions in the streets."

She also told the audience that there's not enough time left to vote for politicians who don't make climate change a top priority, NewsBusters reported.

“We have to fight for the future of these young people ... it's really going to be hard, so we have to be incredibly brave, and we have to be willing to risk arrest and go into the streets and put our bodies on the line," Fonda added, according to the outlet.

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