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Jason Whitlock: Liberals are the 'ideological descendants' of slaveholders; they've 'imposed mental slavery' on black people


'Liberals are wearing the hood'

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Conservative sports commentator Jason Whitlock went on an emotional tear Tuesday, characterizing modern-day liberals as the "ideological descendants" of slaveholders and accusing them of "imposing mental slavery" on black people by making their skin color their defining characteristic.

"There's this one group of people, who their most prized possession, their defining characteristic, is their skin color," Whitlock said while guest-hosting on Glenn Beck's radio program. "We'll capitalize the 'B' in their description of themselves — and they're black, and they're different than everybody else, and their freedom is basically limited."

"If you don't stick to a liberal point of view, on all issues, you're kicked out of the black race," he said of the pressure put on black people in American society by the political left. "You don't have the freedom. Every other group in this country has the right, the freedom, [to say] I want to be conservative, I want to be liberal, I want to be libertarian ... everybody else gets to do that but us."

"You must serve blackness," he continued. "Blackness is your religion. Blackness Trumps God, Jesus, and everything. Your skin color is the most important thing about you."

Jason Whitlock Calls Out the Left's "Mental Slavery" of the Black Community

Whitlock, who has been making similar arguments in opinion columns at sports and pop culture site Outkick, explained how a recent appearance by black comedian Dave Chappelle on "Saturday Night Live" sparked his thinking on the matter.

Whitlock recalled that during his opening monologue in the Nov. 7 episode, Chappelle discussed how his great-great-grandfather, who had been born into slavery, took a delegation of black people to a meeting with President Woodrow Wilson in the White House, despite Wilson at the time being "considered a friend of the Confederacy."

"But Dave Chappelle's great-grandfather, being a typical American — loving education, loving freedom, and loving Jesus Christ — went to meet with the president," Whitlock noted. "Now, anybody black that meets with [President Trump] gets kicked out of the black race. We don't just get to pursue education, freedom, and Jesus Christ anymore. That's been taken away from us by the ideological descendants of slavery."

"They've imposed a mental slavery, in replacement of the physical slavery, and it's more destructive than the physical slavery," he said. "When they take over your mind, they taking over your body, your spirit, your soul. They disconnect you from God, and connect you to liberalism. It's the capital 'B,' this special distinction, they've given us."

Now it's up to conservatives to take time to expose how "liberals are wearing the hood," Whitlock concluded.

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