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Jason Whitlock suspended by Twitter after criticizing Black Lives Matter leader — but he refuses to bow to social media giant to get his account back


'I'm not running to go post Twitter bail when I did nothing wrong'

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Conservative journalist Jason Whitlock was suspended by Twitter after he criticized Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors for her $1.4 million home purchase in "1.4 percent" black Topanga Canyon in Southern California.

But Whitlock insisted Monday he has no intention of bowing to the social media giant in order to get his account unblocked: "I'm not running to go post Twitter bail when I did nothing wrong."

What's the background?

Khan-Cullors was sharply criticized last week over numerous reports that she had purchased the pricey home — particularly given her self-described Marxist ideology. What's more, reports noted that Khan-Cullors had purchased three other homes since 2016 for a grand total of $3.2 million in real estate.

Upon hearing the news, Hawk Newsome — leader of Black Lives Matter Greater New York City — demanded an "independent investigation."

Whitlock joined in on the criticism: "Black Lives Matter founder buys $1.4 million home in Topanga, which has a black population of 1.4 percent," he tweeted Friday. "She's with her people!"

Hours later, however, Whitlock said Twitter suspended him:

Twitter told Whitlock that he violated the platform's rules for posting personal information about others without their permission.

He added to the Daily Mail that Twitter "said I needed to remove the tweet that linked the dirt.com story about Cullors buying a house in Topanga."

But the outlet noted that "there was no explanation of how linking to the Dirt.com story revealed personal information as neither the story, nor Whitlock's tweet, listed an address — and the purchase also was discussed widely elsewhere on Twitter and reported throughout the press."

The Daily Mail said Twitter didn't respond to its request for comment.

"I think Twitter has been looking for an excuse to de-platform me," Whitlock added to the outlet.

Whitlock won't back down

In an interview posted Monday to ScoonTV on YouTube, Whitlock told host Curtis Scoon that he refuses to cave to Twitter in order to get his account unblocked.

"I'm still in Twitter jail because I won't post bail," Whitlock said, adding that "I'm not running to go post Twitter bail when I did nothing wrong."

As for Khan-Cullors' expensive home purchase choice in a nearly all-white neighborhood, Whitlock said "I just find it hypocritical" given her position with Black Lives Matter and her Marxist ideology: "There's so much hypocrisy here. She's acting like a capitalist."

In regard to Twitter's ruling, Whitlock said that "they want you to remove the tweet to start your 12-hour sentence ... Why should I remove the tweet when you can't access the tweet? They've made it so you can't get it. The tweet has already been disappeared by Twitter. Why do I have to remove it to start the clock on my jail time? And so literally I sat back and said, 'I'm going to do nothing, and just let's see where this story goes.'"

And lo and behold, Whitlock observed, "the story is going where I thought it would go."

Speaking of Black Lives Matter, Whitlock said that he wants others to realize that "it's all a hustle; they're not promoting anything real."

Since BLM's inception, he asked, "What has been their impact other than people looting stores and getting big-screen TVs? Has there been some incredible police reform all across the country?"

In the end, Whitlock emphasized that his story "is going exactly how I wanted it to go" and that "I'm gonna remain in Twitter jail: I'm gonna wallow in this victimhood like they like to do."

Here's his interview with ScoonTV. (Content warning: Language):

Whitlock and Scoon discuss Daunte Wright, Patrisse Cullors, Kid Cudi, If You Love Us Pay Usyoutu.be

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