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Democrat Rep. plays the race card after ex-ICE director burns her in fiery testimony


" is no wonder that ICE has become a rogue agency."

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) accused a former director of ICE of racism over a fiery exchange they had during his testimony before her committee in Congress.

Jayapal issued the claims in a tweet from her social media account.

"If this is the way the ICE Director disrespects rules & Congressional oversight of his agency, it is no wonder that ICE has become a rogue agency," she tweeted. "Homan did a wonderful job of proving this point."

"P.S. Also clear he can't stand respecting brown immigrant woman's power over him," she added.

Video of the rhetorical altercation went viral on social media. Homan defended the immigration policies of the Trump administration while pointing out the hypocrisy of Democrats ignoring similar policies under the Obama administration.

Jayapal also retweeted other tweets that supported her in the accusations against Homan.

"This makes me so angry, the blatant disrespect for woc with power," read one tweet, with an acronym referring to "women of color."

"[Rep. Jayapal] is a saint because I'm pretty sure I would've jumped over that bench while yelling 'GET OUT!!!!!!!!'" she added.

Jayapal has also claimed that she knows the true immigration goal of President Donald Trump is to clear the nation of immigrants and people of color.

Here's the video of the celebrated interaction:

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