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Ex-ICE director bulldozes through Democrats' talking points on immigration in fiery testimony


"That's dishonesty. It's pathetic and it's sad!"

Photo composite: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images and Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

Former ICE Director Thomas Homan once again bulldozed through the political talking points of the left on immigration during fiery testimony in Congress on Thursday.

Homan shot down criticism from Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) against the Trump administration for re-ordering funds to pay for his much promised border wall.

"I'd like to remind you, under the Obama administration we did that most of the years he was president," Homan told Jayapal, who was presiding over the hearing of the House Judiciary Immigration and Citizenship Subcommittee.

"We moved money around at DHS, it's called re-programming. We did that under the Obama administration," he explained. "I don't remember any hearings on that."

Homan went on to point out that cages for detainees were built under former President Barack Obama, but most of the criticism only came later and was aimed at the Trump administration.

"Congress was quick to give us all the money we needed to build the tent facilities," he said.

Jayapal tried to respond that she objected to policies by Obama, but Homan interrupted her rebuttal.

"Well, be honest to the American people! You can't point out faults in the Trump administration when it happened under the Obama administration!" Homan exclaimed.

Jayapal pounded her gavel numerous times.

"That's dishonesty. It's pathetic and it's sad!" Homan concluded.

"Look, you want to know why there's 50,000 people in detention? You want to know why we have one million illegal entries into the United States? You want to know why we have these issues?" Homan asked rhetorically.

"Because you have failed to secure the border," he said.

"You guys have failed to work with this president," Homan continued, "to close the three loopholes we've asked for two years to close so if you want to know why this issue exists, you need to look in the mirror."

Jayapal again attempted to shut him down by banging her gavel.

"You have failed the American people by not securing the border and closing loopholes," Homan continued.

Jayapal slammed the gavel down angrily and Homan responded, "this is a circus. This is a circus."

Homan then interrupted Jayapal as she tried to explain why another witness had their time added while Homan was not given the same indulgence.

"You work for me! I'm a taxpayer!" he exclaimed.

Here's the video of the fiery exchange:

Tom Homan clashes with Dem over detention practiceswww.youtube.com

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