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Joe Biden disparages America as 'embarrassment' while speaking in Europe


'A lack of leadership coming from the other side of the Atlantic...'

Gabriel Aponte/Getty Images for Concordia Americas Summit

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who is reportedly mulling a run at the White House, described the United States as an "embarrassment" while speaking in Germany on Saturday.

What did Biden say?

Speaking at the annual Munich Security Conference, Biden said America under President Donald Trump's leadership does not reflect traditional American values that have characterized the U.S. for centuries. According to the Washington Examiner, Biden's comments came when discussing the border crisis.

"The America I see values basic human decency, not snatching children from their parents or turning our back on refugees at our border. Americans know that's not right," Biden said, the Examiner reported. "The American people understand plainly that this makes us an embarrassment. The American people know, overwhelmingly, that it is not right. That it is not who we are."

Although Biden did not criticize Trump by name, maintaining a longstanding unspoken policy of refraining from criticizing the sitting president while on foreign soil, Biden spoke "as a citizen" and said that America lacks leadership.

"You're never allowed to disagree with your brothers and sisters in public. Today, because of, I think, a lack of leadership coming from the other side of the Atlantic, we find ourselves in a different place,and it's uncomfortable," Biden said.

"I know we've heard a lot today about leadership, but in my experience, leadership only exists if somebody — and others — are with you. Leadership in the absence of people who are with you is not leadership," he explained.

Biden's successor, Vice President Mike Pence, was also in attendance at the conference.

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