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Joe Biden brags about having banned 'the number of clips in a gun'; Bernie Sanders forgets what he's said on guns
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Joe Biden brags about having banned 'the number of clips in a gun'; Bernie Sanders forgets what he's said on guns

All they know about guns is they want them banned

The Democrats want to ban guns, in some form or another. It might be "military style" guns or "assault weapons" or "weapons of war."

Former vice president Joe Biden, during Thursday night's Democratic primary debate, took the Democrats' butchering of basic firearm terminology to a new low.

"I'm the only person that beat the NRA nationally," Biden begins. "I'm the guy that got the Brady Bill passed, background checks, number one. Number two, we increased that background check during the Obama-Biden administration. I'm also the only guy that got assault weapons ban, banned, and the number of clips in a gun banned."

This obvious ignorance of the topic he and other Democratic candidates are so passionate about was quite frustrating to observers who value Second Amendment rights.

Biden's other gun-related plan was to advocate for only "smart guns" being sold.

"We should have smart guns," Biden said. "No gun should be able to be sold unless your biometric measure could pull that trigger. It's within our right to do that. We can do that. Our enemy is the gun manufacturers, not the NRA. The gun manufacturers."

"Our enemy is not the NRA" is not likely to go over well with many in the Democratic Party.

Sen. Bernie Sanders also had his own gaffe related to the gun discussion. Moderator Rachel Maddow asked Sanders about a quote on gun laws he gave to a Vermont newspaper in 2013, and asked him if his views had changed. The quote:

"My own view on guns is: Everything being equal, states should make those decisions," Sanders is quoted as having said.

Sanders responded that the statement was "a mischaracterization of my thinking." Maddow informed him it was a direct quote.

Sanders then skipped over the 2013 quote totally, referencing things he did in 1988 and going on about gun show loopholes and straw man provisions.

Then, of course, there is Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) who will give Congress a couple of months to do what she wants on the issue before she uses executive action to enact her desired gun reform.

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