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Joe Biden explodes after reporter confronts him with simple question about Ukraine 'conflict of interest'


'I'm not going to respond to that'

Image via Twitter screenshot

Joe Biden snapped at a reporter Friday who confronted him about whether his diplomatic work with Ukraine as vice president constituted a conflict of interest because of his son's business dealings in Ukraine at the same time.

"How was your role as vice president in charge of policy in Ukraine and your son's job in Ukraine, how is that not a conflict of interest?" the reporter asked during the SEIU Unions for All Summit in Los Angeles.

In response, Biden raised his voice, angrily pointed his finger at the reporter, and demanded that the media focus on Trump instead.

"It's not a conflict of interest. There has been no indication of any conflict of interest from Ukraine or anywhere else — period," he snapped. "I'm not going to respond to that."

"Let's focus on the problem," he continued. "Focus on [President Trump], what he's doing that no president has ever done — no president!"

The Ukraine controversy is clearly taking a toll on Biden as Friday's incident was not the first time he has lost his cool over questions related to the work of his son, Hunter, in Ukraine, which came while Biden managed high-level diplomacy with the nation.

While campaigning in Iowa last month, Biden snapped at Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, who questioned Biden about the apparent conflict of interest.

In response, Biden stuck his finger close to Doocy's face and told him to "ask the right questions."

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