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Joe Rogan dismantles leftist narrative on drag shows with children: 'Why is this happening and why was this never happening before?'

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Joe Rogan dismantled many of the talking points surrounding the movement to include children at drag shows during his incredibly popular podcast show.

Rogan tackled the controversial issue during the show with comedian and columnist Bridget Phetasy.

"I've seen this argument that where people are saying, like you know, I would want my, you know, child grow up and know that you can express yourself in any way possible? Okay, well how would you feel about family friendly strip shows where you have biological women that are sticking their ass out and put a, put a dollar in her g-string Billy," said Rogan.

"You know what, like you would be weirded out by that? Right? Well it's not much different because it's sexualized, like a drag queen show in a lot of ways is sexualized. And so you're sexualizing this idea of these men, many of them have autogynophilia, they get a sexual kink out of dressing up as women, and then they're doing that in front of children," he added.

"It's one thing to say, hey, they should be able to do whatever they want, people love drag queen shows, you should definitely be able to do that if you're a grown man," Rogan added. "But it's another thing to say, let's take children to see this and encourage this."

"Yeah," Phetasy responded.

"And also encourage these children to participate and to go and give them money and you know, I've seen these drag queen shows where there's a woman, a trans woman, or a drag, I don't know how they identify, but with a g-string and high heels with stars covering their nipples, and they have giant fake t***, and they're holding hands with this little child," Rogan continued.

"And everyone's cheering and they're walking the little child around and showing them how to twerk and this is f***ing wild!" he said. "Because it's only sexual. So you're sexualizing this in front of these children, which is very weird."

Phetasy made the distinction between drag shows with children and drag queen story hour, something people on the right have also protested.

Rogan went on to cite the popular Libs of TikTok account that documents some of the more egregious instances where people on the left publish their extremist beliefs and activities about gender and sexual identity.

"And the thing is, it's not one, it's not just one instance where some wacky community thought it was cool to do this," Rogan said.

"It's like, why is this happening and why was this never happening before?" he concluded rhetorically.

Here's the video of Rogan's comments:

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