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Joe Rogan torches Biden for denying Hunter's laptop, shady business dealings: He's 'compromised,' been in the 'lying business forever'

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On a Wednesday episode of Joe Rogan's podcast, he and guest Jorge Masvidal, a mixed martial artist, torched Joe Biden and the left for covering up the president's shady family business dealings while simultaneously going after former President Donald Trump.

"What they're trying to do to our boy, Trump, is f***ing nuts," Masvidal stated.

Masvidal called out the hypocrisy of the left and asked why no one has gone after Bill Clinton for his notorious sex scandals and having been on Jeffrey Epstein's plane numerous times.

"That's how you know he's doing something right," Masvidal said of Trump. "The one dude that's fighting for us, that's actually for the people, they want to crucify him."

"They just don't want him president again," Rogan replied.

Rogan slammed Biden for being "so old and so compromised." He called him a "goofy old politician" who has "been in that lying business forever."

"You watch him talk years ago, he was never an impressive guy," Rogan continued. "Biden was never impressive when he was young because he's full of bluster, and he lied a lot about his record and his education background. He lied about a bunch of things."

"And the China money that he's been getting for years. The hooking up his son," Masvidal added, referring to Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings. "Denying the computer when it's like, 'Bro, you can see it.'"

"Before the FBI declared that this was real, I was already watching videos of him. Like, 'Bro, how are you going to say this is not real? It's all over the f***ing internet,'" Masvidal continued.

He added that the Hunter Biden laptop story was intentionally suppressed in the media before the presidential election to prevent the scandal from negatively impacting Biden's campaign.

"Yeah, they suppressed it off of Twitter," Rogan noted. "And the fact that the liberals keep saying that there's nothing to that, like, 'What are you talking about?'"

"If that was Trump, and Donald Trump Junior was doing street crack with hookers in Vietnam and getting foot jobs," Rogan added.

Masvidal interjected, "And getting $10 million from these places where he's not equipped to have those types of jobs."

Rogan called it "wild" that Hunter Biden was getting money from China and Ukraine.

"And those are the same people that he's giving our tax dollars to. No offense to the people that are going through that in Ukraine. Obviously, it sucks to be in war, especially against a massive thing like Russia. But I don't think we should be poking our chest in there, starting possibly a World War III," Masvidal said.

Rogan replied, "It's terrifying to me that the left are the ones that are behind this, encouraging it, when the left was always anti-war."

Masvidal compared the left in the United States to communist parties in Venezuela and Cuba. He torched Colin Kaepernick and other Americans for wearing Che Guevara shirts.

"This dude slaughtered f***ing thousands of people," Masvidal stated, referring to Guevara. "This guy was so f***ed up that he had the wall removed from his office so he could see the firing squad eliminating people. And these are the people you put on T-shirts? And if you believe in them so much, like any of these guys that advocate for socialism or communism, go live over there."

Rogan replied that Americans who support socialism and communism "don't understand that it always leads to top-down power."

"It always leads to dictatorships," he stated. "It always leads to someone enforcing. And those people always have castles and f***ing billions of dollars, and everybody lives in poverty."

"The only thing that's promised in communism and socialism is equal misery for everybody else," Masvidal replied.

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