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'It's just not true and Joe Biden knows that' — CNN's John King issues a devastating fact check


"So why that? Why not give an honest answer?"

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CNN's John King gave presidential contender Joe Biden a brutal fact check over a blatant lie he told about his failure to stay competitive in the fundraising campaign.

King was responding to comments made about Biden trying to justify his campaign turning to super PAC money after not being able to raise enough on his own for his presidential campaign.

"To get to March though, you need momentum and you need money. There have been a lot of questions of late about Joe Biden's fundraising, he says not to worry," reported King.

"I know I'm a front-runner, find me a national poll, with a notable, a couple of exceptions," Biden said in a clip from a recent interview. "I'm not worried about being able to fund this campaign, I really am not, truly!"

"I don't have, personally, I don't have a super PAC," he said in a separate interview. "I don't want any part of that.

"I didn't change my opinion," he continued, "I didn't, look, they're able to go out and do this, period. I cannot stop them if I wanted to stop them, it's their right to do it!"

"Last part's not true. It's just not true, and Joe Biden knows that," responded King.

"And so he said repeatedly at the beginning of the campaign he didn't want a super PAC, he wouldn't have a super PAC. That's not where the party is anymore," he said.

"The guy who's building one up for him right now has been with Joe Biden going back to the 1980s, if Joe Biden said, Larry don't do it, Larry would not do it," King continued, referring to his Wall Street ally, Larry Fink.

"So why that? Why not give an honest answer?" he concluded. "I'm not raising as much money as I need, so we're gonna go this route."

Here's the video of King nailing Biden:

John King on Joe Biden's fundraising remark: That's just not true and he knows that

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