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Journalist says she 'yelled at a prick with the audacity to wear a f***ing' MAGA hat during concert — and the backlash is bigly


'There's definitely a problem here. It isn't with the guy wearing a hat'

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A sportswriter tweeted Sunday that she "just yelled at a prick with the audacity to wear a f***ing Make America Great Again hat in the middle of a jazz festival" — and received major ridicule for her declaration.

The iconic red cap was the symbol of President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and has become a lightning rod for a growing number of those on the left who say the MAGA hat is synonymous with racism, bigotry, and hatred.

Natalie Weiner, a writer for SBNation, appears to have been attending the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival at the time of her tweet. She added in the thread that the MAGA hat-wearer "doesn't deserve to be within a 10 mile radius" of singer Irma Thomas, who was performing at the festival.

"I don't understand how people can be so hateful," Weiner also noted.

Image source: Twitter, redacted

What did folks think of the journalist's MAGA hat tweet?

As of Tuesday morning, Weiner's initial tweet garnered over 800 likes but also 3,500 comments, meaning it was "ratioed" — negative Twitter-speak for when replies far outnumber likes.

A cursory glance at those comments indicates that not everybody was down with the journalist's announcement that she yelled at a MAGA hat wearer and called him a "prick":

  • "There's definitely a problem here. It isn't with the guy wearing a hat."
  • "Imagine screaming at a stranger in public because of a hat and thinking THEY'RE the hateful one. You're not cool, brave, dignified, or justified in doing this. You're just a c***."
  • "'Sports journalists' are the new vanguard of the SJW asshattery."
  • "So you were the concert police, who can't seem to have control over yourself when seeing an article of clothing? Now I know why people like you are for control over everything. Newsflash, not everyone is like you. Thank the Lord for that."
  • "What a truly putrid series of tweets. You deserve the ratio, you intolerant dullard."
  • "I hope you explained to him that jazz concerts are safe spaces, free from the pesky First Amendment."
  • "Tolerance at its finest I see."
  • "The self-righteousness is nauseating."
  • "Nice to see you liberal fascists at work. You make POTUS Trumps re-election more certain by the hour."
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