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White House reporters turn on KJP over glowing Vogue profile featuring her wearing designer fashion: 'Shows just how out of touch the party is'

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Members of the White House press corps slammed press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre over a glowing profile in latest issue of Vogue magazine.

The profile, which features pictures of Jean-Pierre wearing designer fashion, praises Jean-Pierre as both history-making and a straight shooter. Her "currency," the profile claims, is her "quality of directness — blunt, with a touch of compassion." She is, according to the profile, a "realist," someone who "disarm[s]" reporters and "lay[s] out the facts."

All positive for Jean-Pierre. But White House reporters didn't like it.

"It's sad that a magazine that purports to be practicing journalism is profiling a press secretary that's gone out of her way to deliberately silence members of the press corps," one veteran White House reporter told the New York Post. "We shouldn't be rewarding those who actively obfuscate facts and seek to undermine freedom of the press, which Karine Jean-Pierre and her press office have done on numerous occasions and which the press corps has pushed back against."

Another reporter mocked the profile using Jean-Pierre's style of obfuscation.

"I understand the question. I appreciate the question. I get the question. I'm just going to refer you to the White House counsel’s team for all questions about the substance of the KJP Vogue profile," the reporter told the Post.

Jean-Pierre is known for rarely providing substantive answers to questions, especially the difficult ones. Vogue's profile only mentioned one such instance of her dodging a reporter's question.

Meanwhile, yet another reporter, whom the Post said works for a "liberal-leaning" news outlet, slammed the hypocrisy of Jean-Pierre appearing in Vogue of all magazines.

"It's the kind of magazine that exemplifies everything KJP's Democratic Party has come to stand for right now: ostentatious wealth concentrated and controlled by a very small minority of Americans," that reporter said. "The sheer cost of the clothing KJP is modeling shows just how out of touch the party is with the pain people feel right now trying to make ends meet."

Aside from obscene levels of question-dodging, Jean-Pierre's tenure will be remembered for providing media with less access to the White House.

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