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Keith Olbermann posts 'cringe' video rant calling unvaccinated people 'snowflakes,' 'morons,' 'losers,' 'cowards' — and observers stick it to him
Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @KeithOlbermann

Keith Olbermann posts 'cringe' video rant calling unvaccinated people 'snowflakes,' 'morons,' 'losers,' 'cowards' — and observers stick it to him

Leftist attention-seeker Keith Olbermann called unvaccinated people "snowflakes," "morons," "losers," "cowards" — among other descriptors — in a Sunday night Twitter video rant, adding that they're "afraid" of getting the shot and that vaccinated people should stop "coddling" them.

What are the details?

Olbermann's clip — delivered to his nearly 1 million followers — began with him receiving a COVID-19 booster and saying it's "time to stop coddling the people who won't get the shot."

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @KeithOlbermann

The video then shifted to the former "Countdown" host triumphantly holding his vaccine card and saying "booster shot — mission accomplished."

From there, Olbermann blasted the unvaccinated in what one Twitter observer called a "cringe" rant — and he just got louder and more wild-eyed as the camera rolled. (Content warning: Language):

And for the record:

It is time to stop coddling them — the ones who won't get the damn shot already. And our first step, you and I, is symbols. The language we use. We call these people "vaccine hesitant." "Vaccine skeptics." "Anti-vax." We say they're "protesting mandates and passports." They're "making a personal choice." They're "waiting for more information." They're "making a medical decision." Bulls**t! They're afraid! They're afraid to get vaccinated. Stop feeding their egos about what they're doing. Stop legitimizing it. "Vaccine hesitant"? They're afraid! "Vaccine skeptics"? They're afraid! "Anti-vax"? They're afraid! They're 'protesting mandates and passports'? They're afraid! They're "making a personal choice"? They're afraid! They're "waiting for more information"? Afraid! They're "making a medical decision" — to be afraid! The snowflakes are afraid! Afraid of the vaccine. Afraid of being proved wrong. Afraid of doing what anybody else in the world tells them to do. Afraid of needles! So, no more pleasant euphemisms about what's going on here — apart from the people who have legitimate medical complications about vaccines — we have to stop coddling the morons who will not get the shot. We start by calling them what they are. They are all snowflakes. And cowards. And idiots. And losers. And most importantly, they are afraid!

How did folks react?

As you might guess, Olbermann has his fans among the far left — you know, like the one who replied, "I know you are correct, as usual, but the evil in me truly enjoys reading about anti-vaxxers dying from COVID-19. I'm not proud."

But others wasted no time calling out Olbermann. Here's a sampling:

  • "I'm vaccinated and encourage everyone to get vaxxed, but this video is one of the most cringe things I've seen," one commenter wrote.
  • "You are an absolute dolt," another user said. "Come down from your high castle and have the machismo to say it to their faces. Putz."
  • "Keith, you really need to get out more," another commenter observed.
  • "Youuuuu… are bat s**t crazy," another user said.
  • "Obviously the COVID vaccines cause insanity, and this man is living proof," another commenter pointed out.
  • "People who scream into cameras trying to dictate what people do and don't do are the definition of afraid snowflakes," another commenter said. "Nice try liberal morons."
  • "Psychotic degenerate doing psychotic degenerate things," another user noted. "People are more scared NOT to get the vaccine under threat of losing their livelihood thanks to this fascistic corporate/government environment you helped usher in."

Anything else?

Incidentally, Olbermann reposted his video rant a total eight times (and counting) as of Monday morning, including a pinned tweet at the top of his feed. And, by the way, that pinned tweet is getting a good ol'-fashioned ratio at the moment — over 4,000 comments to just 1,000 likes.

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