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VIDEO: Boy slips off chairlift, grabs edge, dangles above the slopes — and all witnesses can do is shout encouragement for him to hold on


'It was intense, a shocked feeling,' one witness said

Image source: CTV News video screenshot

Liam Gratton had the ride of his life on Canada's Table Mountain over the weekend, CTV News reported.

But the 12-year-old snowboarder hadn't planned on it happening on his chairlift ride up the Saskatoon slopes, the station said.

What happened?

Liam told CTV that after a quick lift bar adjustment he simply "slipped off" the chair. His older brother Luke noted to the station that a safety bar was removed too early.

Image source: CTV News video screenshot

Either way, Liam was able to grab the edge of the chairlift before falling, CTV reported — and he was forced to continue hanging on through the trip up the slope.

Image source: CTV News video screenshot

Aaron Arcand and a friend saw the whole thing while riding the lift behind Liam, the station said: "Right in front of us all of a sudden we just saw the little boy there kind of looking on the side, and I think he got too close to the side and slipped."

Like others witnessing the scary moment, all they could do was watch and shout encouragement to Liam.

"We couldn't do anything, we just had to sit there," Arcand told CTV. "I started telling that boy to 'just hang on, don't let go, just keep on hanging man, just don't let go.' It was intense, a shocked feeling."

Arcand also pulled out his phone and recorded the ordeal, the station said.

Here's the full clip:

Kid Hangs From Chairlift After Slipping From Seat at Saskatchewan Ski Resortyoutu.be

Fortunately Liam was able to hang on all the way to the top:

Image source: CTV News video screenshot

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Arcand added to CTV that once he got to the top, too, he checked on Liam and complimented him on his upper body strength.

So, how do we tell Mom?

Liam's mother Kaelah Gratton told the station her sons informed her of Liam's adventure when they got home — but that she didn't quite understand. Then she saw the clip that was already quickly making the rounds on social media, and then she understood all too well.

"I watched it, and I watched it, and I just got sicker and sicker thinking about what would've happened if he would have fallen," she told CTV.

Image source: CTV News video screenshot

Table Mountain's general manager Lawrence Blouin told the station he's relieved that Liam held on: "Thank God, because it could have been a very serious incident."

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