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Kidnapping victim found with help of 'Find my iPhone' app


Woman held for days in Boston tracked down after her sister used location detector in search

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A 23-year-old Boston woman was rescued from her alleged kidnapper Tuesday after her sister used the "Find my iPhone" app to track down the victim's phone.

What are the details?

Olivia Ambrose went missing after becoming separated from her friends and twin sister at a bar on Saturday. The sister, Franny, used the cellphone app later that night to find out that Olivia's mobile device was at the intersection of Corey Road and Walford Way.

With that information, authorities were able to use surveillance footage and eyewitness accounts to find Olivia allegedly being held against her will in the apartment of Victor Pena two days later, the Daily Mail reported.

Pena was arrested at the apartment and charged with kidnapping. The 38-year-old Pena is undergoing a 20-day competency evaluation at Bridgewater State Hospital, after he exhibited "bizarre" behavior during an initial examination by a court psychologist.

According to Mass Live, at least three women have taken out restraining orders against Pena in the past, but none of the complaints led to charges.

Pena's brother, Jose, told the outlet that it is "impossible" that Victor kidnapped Ambrose and insisted that the woman was staying with Pena willingly.

"He even went to get food for her," Jose said. "[When the police arrived] she was standing right next to him in the kitchen. It is not like she was tied with rope when they opened the door...there's no pictures of her sitting down with something in her mouth. She was completely fine like she was in her own house."

But police say it's clear from video surveillance footage that Ambrose did not follow Pena to the apartment willingly on Saturday, and noted the woman appeared to be intoxicated judging from the way she was staggering.

Anything else?

This isn't the first time the "Find my iPhone" app has been credited with helping to find a kidnapping victim. Police in Pennsylvania said the app helped them locate a teenager who had been abducted by an ex-boyfriend in 2016. And a Texas father was able to use the app to find his 5-year-old son who was taken during a carjacking in 2013.

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