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Kyle Rittenhouse's lawyer says Twitter locked him out of his account for 'glorifying violence': 'I'm going to take Jack Dorsey's a** down'


Attorney L. Lin Wood had been tweeting about raising funds for Rittenhouse's legal defense before Twitter admitted it 'incorrectly' suspended his account

Image source (L to R): Twitter video screenshot via @ElijahShaffer; Photo by Apu Gomes/Getty Images

An attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse — the 17-year-old charged with fatally shooting two men amid Kenosha rioting last week — said he was locked out of his Twitter account for "glorifying violence" after he'd been tweeting about raising money for his client's legal defense, Fox News reported.

L. Lin Wood also told the cable network he intends to file a lawsuit against Twitter and its CEO Jack Dorsey.

"I'm going to take Jack Dorsey's ass down," Wood added to Fox News. "He has been abusing the First Amendment of this country for his own agenda."

What are the details?

Wood was locked out of his account for several hours Tuesday for violating Twitter rules — specifically for "glorifying violence," the cable network said, adding that Wood insisted he has been careful to abide by the social media giant's terms of service.

More from Fox News:

On Monday, Wood revealed on Twitter that more than 11,000 donors have raised $605,550 for the legal defense of Rittenhouse, who claims the shootings in Kenosha were self-defense.

A Twitter user asked if Wood would be selling or disclosing his donor list to other groups. Lin replied "No" and added "#fightback" in reference to the name of the legal fund foundation. That was his last tweet before getting locked out.

Wood also represents Nick Sandmann, Carter Page, St. Louis couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey, Dr. Simone Gold, and Georgia congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene, who posted that "Twitter is censoring" Wood:

"I was arrested today & confined in Twitter jail falsely accused of glorifying violence. I was exonerated this evening by a finding of 'incorrectly actioned.' I am free tonight," Wood tweeted Tuesday night after his account was reinstated.

He added: "Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested on 8/26 & is confined in Illinois jail falsely accused of murder. Kyle will be exonerated when truth is revealed by a finding of 'incorrectly actioned.' Kyle will be free soon."

What did Twitter have to say?

A Twitter spokesperson told Fox News it was all a big mistake: "This account was incorrectly actioned. This has been reversed, and the account has been reinstated."

Twitter has been criticized lately for double standards in its treatment of posts. During a July hearing on anti-Semitism, a Twitter representative defended his company's decision to not block tweets from Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei calling for genocide while flagging tweets from President Donald Trump.

Wood told Fox News he wasn't surprised by what Twitter did to him: "I knew they were going to censor me because I'm sending a message of hope. I'm sending a message of truth. And I'm sending a message that Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent."

Wood added to the cable network that he now will rely on Parler, a newer social media service that has attracted conservatives tired of Twitter.

Et tu, Facebook?

TheBlaze recently reported that Facebook has banned users from sharing a crowdfunding link to assist with Rittenhouse's legal fee but allows fundraising posts for others charged with crimes — including murder — which makes it appear as though Facebook unfairly singling out Rittenhouse.

Anything else?

Another Rittenhouse attorney, John Pierce — who said his client acted in self-defense — shared video footage of a conversation he said was between him and Rittenhouse. The caller can be heard on the phone saying, "I just wanna thank every single one of you from the bottom of my heart for the underlying support. I just want to thank all of you for the mail I've been receiving. It's been really helpful." The caller added, "I'm going to be out of here soon."

Rittenhouse is accused of killing two protesters and wounding a third on Aug. 25, the third night of the Kenosha riots. Violence erupted in the southern Wisconsin city after police shot Jacob Blake, a black man, on Aug. 23.

While leftists have — without evidence — resoundingly condemned Rittenhouse as a murderer and white supremacist, Elijah Shaffer of TheBlaze TV recorded an interview with Rittenhouse prior to the shootings that paints quite a different picture of the teen:

Even the criminal complaint against Rittenhouse seems to read as though he acted in self-defense.

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