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LAPD union calls for NBA to investigate LeBron James tweet: ‘One of the biggest hypocrites out there is LeBron James’

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Detective Jamie McBride, leader of the Los Angeles Police Protective League Board of Directors, wants the NBA to investigate LeBron James over his decidedly anti-police tweet as it was apparently meant to incite violence.

What are the details?

McBride spoke with Fox News' Laura Ingraham on Tuesday and said that the Lakers star is a hypocrite, and his tweet was nothing short of dangerous.

He is now urging the league to investigate the basketball player and told Ingraham that he and the organization sent a letter to NBA Commissioner Adam Sliver to formally request an investigation to determine if James violated any league policies with his tweet.

James came under fire earlier this month after tweeting a photo of the police officer involved in the shooting death of Ohio teen Ma'Khia Bryan, which he captioned, "YOU'RE NEXT. #ACCOUNTABILITY."

"LeBron James sent that tweet out to over 50 million followers to incite violence, is basically what that tweet did," he said, and added that the NBA ought to speak up over James' sentiment.

"Celebrities all throughout Los Angeles ... and LeBron James hire off-duty police officers who do security at their houses for him, but they won't mention them in anything because obviously, they're going to look bad to their followers," McBride explained. "They're trying to create this image of being a crusader and what they are is inciting violence."

He added that James is easily "one of the biggest hypocrites out there."

"One of the biggest hypocrites out there is LeBron James," McBride insisted. "LeBron James has talked time and time again about police officers and how bad, they're all killers. However, they're also doing protection at his house. Off-duty officers provide security for him and his family. So you have killers at his house providing security for him."

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