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Left-wing 'Young Turks' host melts down over lack of blue wave, lashes out at Democrats — and Obama
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Left-wing 'Young Turks' host melts down over lack of blue wave, lashes out at Democrats — and Obama

'He'd be a giant part of the responsibility of losing'

Liberal commentator Cenk Uygur, who founded "The Young Turks," melted down during his network's coverage of the election, lashing out at the Democratic Party establishment for failing to deliver on that "blue wave" that they spent months boasting about.

If fact, Uygur even took aim at former President Barack Obama.

What happened?

The far-left progressive host exclaimed that establishment Democrats need to clear the way for non-moderate Democrats, pointing to Tuesday's close results as evidence that establishment Democrats are out-of-touch.

"Get out of the way — both Jake Tapper and Nancy Pelosi and every editor at the New York Times — has to get out of our way!" Uygur pleaded.

"Let us hit the Republicans in the face! Instead of playing patty cakes with them," Uygur continued. "How many elections are we going to get to a razor's edge with a monster idiot fascist like Donald Trump?"

"One last thing on this: Forget [Trump] being a racist, forget him being a fascist... the guy's IQ is lower than 70 — he's an idiot!" Uygur went on to say. "He's a total moron! And you couldn't figure out how to crush him in an election? Man, the corporate Democrats and mainstream media suck at this. They absolutely, positively suck, and they brainwash smart people into compliance."

Later, Uygur said that Democrats "definitively screwed up" because they did not win in a landslide.

What did he say about Obama?

After voicing frustration because the Democratic establishment selected Joe Biden over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to challenge President Donald Trump, Uygur said Obama is "massively responsible" for Biden's narrow victory or loss.

"No one in the media will ever let you say that. If you say that in media, you'll be banned," Uygur said. "The rest of the media will ban you if you say one unkind word about Barack Obama. And in fact, they will accuse you of being a racist — he's their corporate shield."

Uygur went on to blast Obama for barely campaigning on Biden's behalf.

"Now I understand coronavirus and all that, but you don't have to sit in your basement or your yacht all election and wait until a week before the election to do anything," Uygur said.

"So would Obama be partly responsible? He'd be a giant part of the responsibility of losing," he added.

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