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Lefty Susan Sarandon taken to the woodshed for comparing cops gathered to honor murdered NYPD officer to 'fascists'

Photo by ED JONES/AFP via Getty Images

Liberal actress and activist Susan Sarandon was hit heavily with criticism after she shared a social media post comparing the NYPD's funeral turnout to "fascism" and suggested that cops are not needed for a functional society.

Thousands of NYPD officers gathered on Friday to honor their murdered brother in blue, Detective Jason Rivera, after he and his partner were killed in an ambush-style attack while responding to a domestic incident.

What are the details?

The actress shared a social media post from writer Danny Haiphong, which showed the huge turnout for the slain officer and was captioned, "I'm gonna tell my kids this is what fascism looks like."

She shared a screenshot of the image in apparent endorsement and captioned the snap, "So, if all these cops weren't needed for CRIME that day, doesn't that mean they aren't needed ANY day?" She added hashtag #abolishthepolice to the screenshot.

What's been the response?

One commenter wrote, "Susan— I also disappointed in you. Left wing is one thing but being inconsiderate of our finest is just wrong on so many levels. You owe the officer's family along with the force an apology. Your comment is reprehensible."

Another added, "One woman lost her husband and the other lost her son. They were protecting a mother from her abusive son when they were assassinated. These officers come from all over the country to pay respects and support the families. #ShameOnYou There, but before the grace of God."

Yet another user spat, "[E]xtremely wrong of you to make these two honorable gentlemen your personal pawns in your dumb little game."

One police mom shared her own personal story of how her family was affected by the star's remarks and added, "So totally offensive in SO many ways. PLEASE feel free to NEVER call 911---EVER. My son (LA County Deputy) became a cop following his father's footsteps --who was killed in the line of DUTY...."

"It [is] the logic of a three-year-old," another user wrote. "I suggest she does the duties of a cop for a year and then let's see how fascist she thinks they are. Cops protect little children, rescue those in distress and vulnerable everywhere. All she does it talk for a living."

Another Twitter user ripped her for being "disgusting" and said the actress was redundant.

"You are disgusting!! We need police officers, we absolutely DON'T need worthless 'actors/actresses' like you! So pathetic to disrespect the fallen officers and their families. You should be next on the 'cancel culture' list!!" the user thundered.

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