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Lesbian couple says vandalism of their 'Little Queer Library' feels like 'censorship' and hatred

Image Source: WCVB-TV YouTube video screenshot

A lesbian couple says their "Little Queer Library" has been vandalized numerous times and they say it feels like hatred and "censorship."

Krysta Petrie and Katie Cohen told WCVB-TV that their community library offering queer and other LGBTQ books has been vandalized four times in as many months.

The couple built the tiny library about two years ago.

The last vandal was a man who was captured on video surveillance grabbing all of the books and tossing them into a garbage bag. About $1,000 worth of books were taken, police said.

“This last time in addition to taking the books, they also scattered contents of the library on the ground, like the pencils and bookmarks and stuff like that, and then they ripped up our plants and put it into the book box,” Petrie said.

“They had a bunch of bags and spent 10 minutes, walked down sidewalk,” Cohen explained. “It’s like they know that we have a camera. They were careful to hide [their] face and come at night.”

The couple believes they know the motivation for the vandalism.

"There's really only a couple reasons why it could happen, one is straight up hate, LGBT hate. They just don't want us in the community or something," said Petrie.

"[It] really fells a lot like censorship," said Cohen.

Some of the neighbors are offering their support for the couple and their mission to provide LGBTQ propaganda to the community.

"This is ridiculous," said Diane Coveney, a neighbor who claimed, "Waltham is better than this."

Petrie added that one local child on his bike vandalized the library with paint markers. She conjectured that he was challenged to do it "by someone else in the school system probably."

Here's the local news report about the incident:

'Little Queer Library' targeted by vandals againwww.youtube.com

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