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'Ex-lefty' lesbian YouTuber rebukes trans athletes who ruthlessly mock their female competitors as 'losers'


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Rachel McKinnon (Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

Arielle Scarcella — the lesbian YouTuber who recently "left the 'progressive' left" — is now taking aim at the issue of transgender athletes competing in women's sports.

"When trans women power lifters are breaking female records, and young women are suing high school boards, we need to talk," she wrote in a description of the new video.

According to Scarcella, what made her really want to speak out on this topic "isn't just [that] trans women are competing against women is sports, it's the way that they're going about it."

As an example, Scarcella pointed to a tweet from Rachel McKinnon — the trans woman cyclist who set a women's world record during the 2019 World Championships — that called women who prefer that biological males don't compete against them "losers." (McKinnon's account is locked but a screenshot can be seen of Scarcella's video).

She also pointed to a February tweet by Chase Strangio, deputy director for transgender justice at the American Civil Liberties Union, which mocked women athletes for complaining about being beat by trans women.

Scarcella bluntly condemned those who say "cis women are just losers who should try harder" saying "um, f*** off," before arguing scientifically for stronger guidelines restricting biological males from competing women's sports.

In fact, her opinions that trans women retain advantageous physical strength even after gender-affirming therapy is backed up by scientific studies here and here.

Trans Athletes Call Women Competitors LOSERS & MOCK Female Sports...

"If being born biologically male and having gone through male puberty doesn't inherently give somebody an advantage, why are sports sex-segregated in the first place?" she asked.

At the outset of the video, Scarcella was sure to stress that her discussion would be limited to "high school, college, and professional sports" due to the fact that "money, scholarships, and records" are on the line.

In the video, Scarcella discussed reports from Connecticut where the families of three female high school girls have sued to block transgender athletes from competing in women's sports.

"Mentally and physically, we know the outcome before the race even starts," said one of the girls, who is the daughter of former Major League Baseball pitcher Lee Smith. "That biological unfairness doesn't go away because of what someone believes about gender identity. All girls deserve the chance to compete on a level playing field."

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