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Trans swimmer Lia Thomas loses 'Woman of the Year' bid to biological female — and leftists suddenly act like it doesn't matter to them
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Trans swimmer Lia Thomas loses 'Woman of the Year' bid to biological female — and leftists suddenly act like it doesn't matter to them

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas earlier this month was nominated by the University of Pennsylvania to be in the running for the NCAA's "Woman of the Year" award for 2022.

But the controversial swimmer's bid came to end Monday when the NCAA announced its conference selections — and named Columbia University fencer Sylvie Binder as its pick for the Ivy League, Fox News said.

Now the field of award candidates has narrowed to 151, and the cable network said the Woman of the Year Selection Committee will choose 10 nominees from each division, and the top 30 will be announced in October.

Binder is a biological female, and conservatives like Republican U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee couldn't have been happier that Thomas is out of the running:

"Lia Thomas lost the bid for NCAA’s ‘Woman of the Year’ — maybe they finally figured out she isn’t a woman?" Blackburn tweeted.

Readers of TheBlaze will recall that Blackburn in March asked then-U.S. Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson during her confirmation hearings if she could define the word "woman." Jackson said she couldn't because she's "not a biologist."

There was a reason behind Blackburn's question, as Thomas — a biological male — had been making big waves in the pool at the time, destroying biological female opponents on the way to becoming an Ivy League champion and the No. 1-ranked woman collegiate swimmer in the country.

In fact, just a few days before Blackburn grilled Jackson, Thomas won the NCAA women's 500-yard freestyle amid deepening controversy.

Along the way, leftists were in near lockstep support for Thomas displacing biological female swimmers — some in humiliating fashion — despite the left's traditional support for women.

But after Thomas was displaced in the running for "Woman of the Year" — by a biological female, no less — there hasn't seemed to be much outrage coming from the left. Hmm.

How is the left reacting?

In fact, annoyed reactions to Blackburn's tweet indicate leftists suddenly don't seem to care that their trans icon is out of the "Woman of the Year" running.

Here's one example: "Or maybe winning one swim meet wasn't that impressive and not the end of society as some made it out to be," one commenter told Blackburn. "Onto real issues that actually matter... What are you doing to address the rampant gun violence?"

Deflection, anyone?

The hilariously transparent "Lia who?" hits just kept on coming — as if commenters were working from the same list of talking points:

  • "What have you done so far to combat inflation or mass shootings?" another lefty whined. "While Democrats are busy actively working hard to solve these issues in our country, you and your party are busy getting outraged by masks, vaccines, pronouns, other people’s gender identities, and drag shows."
  • "Could you focus on actual issues?" another commenter parried. "Don't be so insecure about how you identify."
  • "Well I guess we can all rest easier now that you're certainly on top of such pressing issues facing our country," another user declared. "Did you accept Rudy Giuliani's call to circumvent a free and fair election on Jan. 6?"
  • "Thanks for staying on top of critical issues for your constituents," another commenter noted.
  • "What have you done for the American people in the past 5 years, Marsha?" another user asked. "I've only seen you supporting a racist Russian operative, spewing hate, and making bad hairstyle choices."
  • "Marsha, what does Lia Thomas receiving an award (or not) from the NCAA have to do with your 'work' as a United States Senator?" another commenter wondered.

Now, that's just sad.

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