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Liberal activist asked Walmart clerk for a gun 'that could kill 200 people.' He says he was making a statement.


Police investigated immediately and found the guy.

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

An anti-gun liberal activist alarmed law enforcement officials after he walked into a Walmart and asked for a gun that "could kill 200 people."

Police responded to the report at the Walmart in Port St. Lucie, Florida, on Wednesday.

"Can you sell me a gun that can kill 200 people," the man reportedly told the clerk.

When the clerk responded that the question was not funny, the man said, "I know," and asked again.

The police report said that the store's assistant manager spoke to him, and he told them the man was an "anti-gun nut and that he wanted his voice heard, that Walmart should stop selling guns."

Police spokesman Sgt. Robert Vega said that police were able to identify the man as 55-year-old Philip Michael Attey II.

"The means in which he's going about his platform is something that we don't recommend," Vega said. "It brought a lot of concern to not only the civilian shopper but also the people at Walmart and also local law enforcement."

Attey told reporters later Thursday that he was only trying to make a statement, but that it was in poor taste.

"Yes what I did last night Walmart was in poor taste," he said.

Attey said he got angry after he saw a "white supremacist looking" man buy a gun, so he decided to make a statement.

When he was asked by reporters why the other man looked like a "white supremacist," Attey said he was a white male, and pleasant looking.

Police are not pressing charges against Attey for the alarming episode.

Here's the full interview with Attey:

Full interview with man who caused scare with Walmart gun comment www.youtube.com

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