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Liberal co-hosts on ‘The View’ work together to stifle Meghan McCain’s pro-life defense. She isn’t having it.
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Liberal co-hosts on ‘The View’ work together to stifle Meghan McCain’s pro-life defense. She isn’t having it.

Good for her

Meghan McCain, conservative co-host on "The View," went to bat for her conservative beliefs during Monday's show.

Despite several of the women working together to speak over her, or otherwise drown out her thoughts, McCain stuck to her guns and insisted upon saying her piece.

What happened?

In the beginning part of the segment, the co-hosts discussed Georgia being the latest state to pass a bill severely restricting abortion.

In response to that new law, actress Alyssa Milano suggested that women should withhold sex to protest the new law.

The co-hosts addressed Milano's proposal, which was widely mocked on social media.

Co-host Joy Behar decided to strike at the heart of what she believed to be the matter and blamed Republicans for wanting to "set women back 50 or 75 years.

"Let's talk about why are men having such a war against women? Why is the Republican Party trying to set women back 50 years or 75 years? Why do they want us back in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant? Why?" Behar asked.

McCain — a declared Republican — began to respond to Behar's remark, and said, "It's not what we want. It's a difference of the way you view life. If you believe that life starts at conception and ... "

Behar shrilly interrupted, "They want to regulate my body, but why don't they regulate guns? It's the same, people!"

Guest co-host Ana Navarro chimed in and pointed out her belief that abortion is nothing more than a legislative "gray issue," and pointed to cases of incest and rape.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg said that it was "OK" for McCain to feel that abortion is murder, but insisted that women who are pro-life shouldn't be able to force their opinions on others.

How did McCain respond?

McCain stuck to her guns and insisted that science corroborates the fact that life begins at conception.

"Science backs it," she said. "Liberals always want to believe science when it comes to climate change and things like that, but when it comes to life ..."

Goldberg responded by telling McCain that the notion of science applying to conception is McCain's "belief."

"You don't believe the science that backs it up as well?" an incredulous McCain fired back.

Goldberg responded in a rather questionable and nonsensical manner.

"Don't say 'You don't believe,'" Goldberg warned. "That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying I don't believe that the minute you conceive you are with child. I believe that a lot of things have to happen, a baby has to become a zygote, there have to be all kinds of things going on."

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