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Liberal protesters target home of Trump aide Stephen Miller over immigration policies

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Liberal protesters targeted Senior Adviser to the President for Policy Stephen Miller for a demonstration intended to bring attention to immigration policies they say are intolerable.

The group called "Werk not Walls" danced in protest against family separation policies at the border, and blared out slogans against Stephen Miller outside of his residence Wednesday.

Digital journalist Alejandro Alvarez posted several videos from the protest on social media.

In one video, protesters chant, "Stephen Miller what a villain, locking up immigrant children!"

"From the people who brought you an LGBT dance party at Pence's house, it's #WERKNotWalls," tweeted Alvarez, "twerking their way to Stephen Miller's place in DC against his immigration policies."

"Stephen Miller, the architect of the Muslim ban!" blared out a protester. "The architect of family separation! The architect of tear gas being thrown at migrants and refugees of the caravan!"

"He lives here! Are you OK with that?!" he asked.

"Meanwhile, we will be here to celebrate migrants and refugees in our country and in our world!" they chanted outside.

Dance protesters also chanted outside ICE offices, repeating, "all the walls have got to go!"

Allies of the president have been critical of liberal political demonstrations that included harassment of public officials and others, and sometimes led to violence and vandalism.

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