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MSNBC host outrages liberals when she dares point out the obvious problem with Joe Biden's re-election campaign
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MSNBC host outrages liberals when she dares point out the obvious problem with Joe Biden's re-election campaign

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell faced liberal wrath on Wednesday after she highlighted legitimate concerns about President Joe Biden's age.

In a short segment on her daytime news show, Mitchell pointed out polling data that shows Americans are overwhelmingly concerned about Biden's age and observed Biden's increasing frequency of making self-deprecating jokes about his age, perhaps in an attempt to soften those concerns.

"NBC News is reporting the White House has come up with a new strategy recently to deal with the 'age issue' ... something he obviously can't do anything about, making self-deprecating jokes, though, about it to try to defuse the issue," Mitchell reported. "A new NBC News analysis shows that Biden has been cracking jokes about his age more often than usual."

After playing numerous clips of Biden joking about his age, Mitchell laid out the polling data.

"The new NBC News poll shows 68% of all voters say that they are concerned about President Biden having the necessary mental and physical health to do the job," she said. "That includes 55% with major concerns."

"Joe Biden is now 80 years old, and if re-elected he would be the oldest president in American history, turning 86 by the end of a second term," she added.

Biden jokes about his age to counter voters' concernswww.youtube.com

In response to the segment, liberals excoriated Mitchell on social media — many of them mocking Mitchell's own age, 76.

  • "76 year old Andrea Mitchell declares Biden is too old to be president. Wonder how she'd feel if MSNBC told her she was too old to be a TV journalist? Just asking the question," one person said.
  • "Joe Biden jokes about his age to counter voter’s concerns and b** ch Andrea Mitchell pounces on it as another opportunity to say how old he’d be in a second term. So obvious who’s side she on," another person reacted.
  • "Dear Andrea Mitchell, a reminder that Nancy Pelosi is older than Joe and ran circles around Trump all day every day," another person said.
  • "I don’t want to see Andrea Mitchell trending unless @MSNBC is announcing her retirement," one person reacted.
  • "I swear I really dislike Andrea Mitchell… she is rehashing this stupid story about Biden's age, when you got Trump who's obesely overweight gluttonous slob, that's sharing classified documents and putting this Country's National Security at risk!" one person fumed.
  • "Once again, Andrea Mitchell is focusing on Joe Biden's age and voter's concern about it. I'm sick to death of her," another person reacted.
  • "Andrea Mitchell thinks Joe Biden is too old to be president, which is really weird because Donald Trump is only 3 years younger than Biden, she’s only 4 years younger than Biden, and she’s married to Alan Greenspan, who’s 97. Maybe she should shut the f*** up forever," another person said.

Perhaps Democratic voters are angry that, despite Donald Trump being 3.5 years younger than Biden, voters are less concerned about Trump's age and health, which NBC's own poll showed.

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