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Malcolm Nance says he's fighting for Ukraine against Russia: 'I'm done talking ... It's time to take action'

Image Source: MSNBC Twitter video screenshot

Former MSNBC foreign policy analyst Malcom Nance revealed on Monday that he had joined the fight against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Nance, who heads a think tank called the Terror Asymmetrics Project, appeared on Joy Reid's show on MSNBC to explain why he joined the fight against the Russians.

“The more I saw of the war going on, the more I thought, ‘I’m done talking, all right? It’s time to take action here.' So about a month ago I joined the international legion here in Ukraine, and I am here to help this country fight, you know, what essentially is a war of extermination," said Nance.

"This is an existential war and Russia has brought it to these people and they are mass murdering civilians, and there are people here like me who are here to do something about it," he added.

Reid asked Nance if being an international troop put him in danger's way more than the Ukrainians.

“No, it doesn’t, because the war that’s being waged here is being waged against everybody,” Nance responded. "Look, they're not going around hunting for American flag patches or to see who’s Black, who’s Asian, who’s Latino. We are a part of the Ukrainian armed forces, we are brothers and sisters with the Ukrainian army."

Nance went on to say that the U.S. needs to provide heavy weaponry to the Ukrainians in order to take away that advantage for the Russians.

“Let me say something to the president of the United States: give them counter battery long range artillery – multiple rocket launch systems," Nance said. "Something that can out-range the artillery. If you do that, you stop the attacks on civilians, because that's what they are doing with the artillery - they are mass murdering civilians."

Nance concluded the interview by saying the Russians are trying to wipe out Democracy in Ukraine and hope it "cascades" into other countries.

"This battle is here. It's gonna be fought now, and we're gonna win it!" Nance said. "You fight, you win, and this country is already winning and that's why Russia is already shifting its strategy."

After his appearance, MSNBC confirmed that Nance was no longer an analyst at the network.

Here's part of the video of Nance on MSNBC:

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