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Report: Male transsexual who raped infant and confessed to drowning toddler put in women's prison containing a maternity unit and kids
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Report: Male transsexual who raped infant and confessed to drowning toddler put in women's prison containing a maternity unit and kids

A new report has revealed that a male child rapist who masquerades as a female is now being held in a women's prison that contains a mother and child unit and houses infants.

Accommodations for an admitted baby-killer and pedophile

According to a Reduxx report, Adam Laboucan — who now goes by Tara DeSousa — raped a three-month-old infant in Quesnel, British Columbia. The pedophile was 15 at the time of the 1997 crime, which left the infant so badly injured that he had to be flown 410 miles away to undergo reconstructive surgery.

After raping the baby, Laboucan mutilated himself and ate his own flesh, reported the Toronto Sun — long before he would mutilate himself further in an attempt to pass as a woman.

At the age of 17, the pedophile was declared Canada's youngest dangerous offender.

Canadian state media reported that during his subsequent trial, the court heard that Laboucan had apparently also drowned a three-year-old boy in Quesnel at the age of 11, but avoided charges because he was under the age of 12.

Psychiatrists indicated that extra to his violent nature, "Adam Laboucan displays everything from transsexual to pedophilic tendencies."

Dr. Ian Postnikoff told the court the child rapist "said he was not planning a life of crime, but he felt he had no way to control the flood of violent, murderous fantasies," adding that while in custody, "he would turn them against himself, but this high level of self-mutilation, almost self cannibalization, could be turned against other, weaker individuals, with possibly fatal consequences."

Extra to apparently having a taste for human flesh, the child rapist reportedly also prostituted himself out to fellow inmates — one of whom he married — stabbed himself, and threatened to kill a female guard.

Despite his crimes, Laboucan was able to get a sex-change surgery and DD-sized breast implants in prison at taxpayers' expense. The Toronto Sun indicated that the implants alone, usually covered by Canadian provincial and federal governments, "routinely cost as much as $10,000."

After Corrections Canada indicated the federal government had not paid to cut off the child rapist's genitals and outfit him with fake breasts, the Edmonton Sun reported the provincial government of British Columbia likely picked up the tab.

The child rapist with a history of threatening women was denied parole in 2010, on account of "a complex set of risk factors related to his gender identity, impulsive behaviour, violence and sexual deviance put[ting] him at high risk to offend," reported CTV News.

Laboucan was denied parole again in 2018 on account of the likelihood he would reoffend.

However, he was afforded an opportunity to relocate to a different kind of prison: the Fraser Valley Institution for Women in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

FVI houses minimum-, medium-, and maximum-security inmates "in an open campus design model."

According to the Correctional Service of Canada, FVI offers programming "that has been developed specifically to address women's needs and is delivered using a woman centered approach."

The facility also has a mother-child program and a small playground for toddlers and other prospective victims. FVI is one of five federal institutions that permit infants and children up to the age of seven to live with their criminal mothers.

The National Post reported that other convicts on the premises "may live with the mother and child — they can even apply to serve as babysitters or 'aunties,'" although they must be screened beforehand.

Critics have suggested that children would be better off with adoptive families than with child rapists, murderers, and other felons, but such critiques have evidently fallen on deaf ears.

Reduxx noted that Heather Mason, an advocate for the rights of incarcerated women, briefed members of the Canadian parliament in June 2021 about the threat that Laboucan and other transsexuals pose to real women in correctional facilities such as Fraser Valley.

Mason indicated that a woman at the facility "reported that while in the mother-child program, two transgender individuals with convictions for pedophilia, Madilyn Harks and Tara Desousa, would loiter near her and her child, making sexist and inappropriate antagonizing comments."

Harks, a man formerly named Matthew, is a serial pedophile who targeted young girls and is believed to have victimized at least 60 children before being charged for 200 offenses that occurred in British Columbia.

A female inmate told Mason on the condition of anonymity that Laboucan had attended an event at Fraser Valley where infants were present and was even housed next to the mother-child facility.

The child rapist allegedly would also stare at children in the ward.

The anonymous source noted that after concerns were expressed about Laboucan stalking, the child rapist flung a woman about by her hair then kicked her in the face.

"If you speak up or say anything, you're called ‘transphobic’ or a 'Terf' or what you say is 'hate speech,'" Mason told the Toronto Sun. "Women are being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. We are being erased … everything we fought for is being taken away."

This problem is hardly limited to Canada.

TheBlaze previously reported that Antifa thugs attacked women who protested the potential placement of a male transsexual who murdered two lesbians and their adopted African son in a California women's prison.

David Warfield stabbed 56-year-old Charlotte Reed over 40 times and shot her twice on Nov. 11, 2016. Warfield also shot and stabbed 57-year-old Patricia Wright. Before setting fire to the victims' house, the transsexual activist shot 19-year-old Benny Diambu-Wright, who later perished.

The women attacked by the masked male leftists and called "Terfs" had expressed concern that Warfield, who now goes by Dana Rivers, might continue attacking women while in prison.

New York Democrats reintroduced legislation last month that would enable male transsexuals, including sex offenders, to be jailed with real women, even if they still have their male genitalia intact.

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