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Man has to be restrained and gets kicked off airplane flight after he melts down over their bathroom policy


This is not how to handle your frustration

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A New York Jets fan angry over an airlines' bathroom policy forced his flight to be diverted, and got himself kicked off the flight.

40-year-old Jwan Curry was caught on video melting down after he was told he couldn't use the first class bathroom and had to wait in line with everyone else.

He had to be restrained by passengers after making violent threats.

The flight was a non-stop trip from JFK Airport to Los Angeles International Airport, but it was forced to be diverted to Kansas City International Airport.

The U.S. Attorney's Office Western District of Missouri said they charged Curry with interfering with a flight attendant.

They allege that when he went back to his seat he began to punch the seat in front of him, punch himself, and threaten to kill everyone.

"I'm not going to stop complaining. You can play how you want to play it, you're still wrong," he is heard saying on video from the incident. "The bathroom is the bathroom, bro. That's the bottom line."

Curry was restrained by flex cuffs applied by other passengers, according to

Here's a news video about the altercation:

Man Loses it Over Plane's Bathroom Line, Forces Flight to Divert | News 4 Now

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