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Man gets 'white woman' fired over alleged 'racist attack.' But the video does not show anything racist that happened.
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Man gets 'white woman' fired over alleged 'racist attack.' But the video does not show anything racist that happened.

Another video that claims racism, another person fired from their job.

What happened this time?

Author Frederick Joseph — the same man who incited, using false claims, social media outrage against an Airbnb host — posted a video to Twitter on Saturday and claimed that "this white woman" told him and his fiancée to "stay in our hood" and threatened to call the police on them.

They were in a Brooklyn dog park, and Joseph claimed the woman had confused his dog "with another dog who had been barking loudly."

The video does not show the woman threatening to call the police, nor does the video show the woman telling Joseph and his fiancée to "stay in our hood." The video begins with Joseph making the allegations against the woman. A nearby witness, though, agreed with Joseph that the woman said what he claimed. The video itself, however — the only proof that any interaction occurred — does not corroborate what Joseph alleged.

But that means nothing to Derek Andersen, CEO of Bevy, a technology company that describes itself as a "community event engine fueling virtual, hybrid, and in-person events."

Bevy is where the woman in the video, Emma Sarley, worked before Andersen quickly fired her over Joseph's allegations, which are only backed by his one-sided version of events in a context-less video.

What did Joseph do?

After posting his video to social media, Joseph hunted down the identity of the woman in the video, whom he later discovered was Emma Sarley. Joseph posted various pictures of Sarley to his Twitter account, including her wedding registry, Instagram profile, and LinkedIn account.

Next, Joseph reached out to Andersen and Bevy. Joseph framed his message as one that alleges Bevy is complicit in racism if the company did not take action against Sarley. Again, Joseph's video does not show Sarley engaging in racist behavior; it only shows her "flipping off" Joseph while he makes his allegations.

"Hey @DerekjAndersen I see that @BevyHQ is attempting to be better about race, equity, etc. Thought you should see this. I'm hoping Black colleagues and peers don't have to face this sort of racism from Emma," Joseph wrote on Sunday.

Later, Joseph revealed that he had spoken with Andersen, who called the incident "extremely troubling."

What happened next?

Sarley was fired.

Joseph posted a video to social media late Sunday gloating that Sarley had lost her employment. He even had the gumption to call her termination "unfortunate," an odd word choice considering she lost her job only because of his allegations, which were not confirmed by his video.

"So I was just told that Bevy has terminated Emma Sarley after her racist attack against my fiancée and I at the dog park. And while it's unfortunate that she had to lose her job, I do think that this brings up and important conversation about accountability, especially in a country where black and brown people, marginalized people as a whole have seen so little of it," Joseph said in the video.

What did Andersen say?

Andersen released a statement Sunday claiming his company does not tolerate "discriminatory behavior." Again, the video does not show Sarley engaging in discriminatory or racist behavior, it only shows Joseph claiming that Sarley did.

"@BevyHQ has zero tolerance for discriminatory behavior of any kind. Yesterday an employee engaged in behavior contrary to our values and has been terminated. We apologize deeply to all involved," Andersen said. "I personally hope some type of resolution can happen between the two parties beyond this and will help if I can."

Ironically, internet users — clearly upset about the unjust nature of Sarley's termination — dug up at least one tweet that proves Andersen's tolerance for racially disparaging remarks is higher than he postures.

Anything else?

AGHamilton, a popular Twitter user, summed up why this example of "cancel culture" is enraging so many on social media — but not in Joseph's favor.

"Our society has incentivized all the wrong behavior. He had a bad 2 min interaction with someone and his first thought is to try to make it go viral, track the person down, and get them fired from their job," AG Hamilton wrote.

"You can barely tell what happened from that video, but because the guy has 100k followers and made an accusation, the other side won't even matter. The girl has already been fired. This type of mob justice will get abused repeatedly and incentivized all the wrong behavior," he added.

He goes on to write, "Keep in mind Joseph had all the power in this situation. Even in that clip where he claims she said something bad to him, he's confronting & following a woman half his size trying to walk away. Then he went on social media, where he has 100K followers, & set out to ruin her life."

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