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Security video captures 2 hurt in brutal motorcycle crash after car pulls out into busy traffic, flees the scene

Image Source: WTTG-TV YouTube screenshot

A surveillance video captured the moment a motorcycle rider and passenger crashed into a car that had pulled into busy traffic in Temple Hills, Maryland.

Both the rider and the passenger of the motorcycle were taken to a local hospital and are expected to survive.

The Prince George's County Police Department said they are looking for the driver of the white sedan that caused the accident about 2:30 p.m. Monday.

The collision was captured on a Ring security camera. The video shows the white sedan pulling into traffic and forcing a car in the first lane to stop. As it pulls into the second lane to try to make a left turn, the motorcycle plows into it and the rider and passenger are sent sailing over the car.

The resulting collision was so forceful that one of the red shoes of the victims can be seen flying off and landing many yards away in the parking lot.

Although the white sedan paused for a second after the collision, the driver flees the scene as bystanders go to help the victims.

"I turned around, and I just saw bodies going up in the air," said Daniel Rush, part-owner of the mattress store near the scene of the accident. The video came from the mattress store's Ring camera.

Rush said that many people ran out to help the victims of the accident.

"There's an accident here every couple of weeks. You've got a sign right there that is blocking people's view that's trying to get out," he explained.

Police said the crash is still under investigation as they seek the hit-and-run driver.

Here's the video of the Ring security video:

Violent Temple Hills crash involving a motorcycle caught on camera www.youtube.com

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