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Matt Walsh says his best-selling 'Johnny the Walrus' book was removed from Amazon's LGBTQ section as well as Target's website: 'The canceling begins'

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As of Thursday, conservative commentator Matt Walsh's "Johnny the Walrus" — a children's book that skewers leftist gender ideology by way of a story about a boy who pretends to be a walrus — was ranked number 1 on Amazon's list of "Best Sellers in LGBTQ+ Books."

But not any more.

No, his book didn't slip in the rankings. Instead, Walsh pointed out Friday that Amazon removed "Johnny the Walrus" from the LGBTQ+ section entirely.

"This is an unconscionable attack on gay rights and a horrific example of homophobia and gay erasure," Walsh quipped in his tweet about the issue.

Sure enough, a cursory glance Friday afternoon at Amazon's top 100 LGBTQ+ books section showed no signs of "Johnny the Walrus" among the offerings. (Although glaringly it's still ranked number 3 on the "most wished for in LGBTQ+ books" — which tells you either Amazon needs a new delete button or that shoppers are on a different wavelength.)

Et tu, Target?

What's more, Walsh pointed out Friday that "Johnny the Walrus" was removed from Target's website.

Walsh added that "no explanation has been given" for the book getting wiped from Target.com. "The canceling begins," he added in his tweet.

Indeed, a search Friday afternoon for "Johnny the Walrus" on Target's site showed a whopping 320 items — some were books about "Johnny" (including a bunch about Johnny Cash), and there were some books about walruses. But Walsh's book was not listed in the results.

What's the background?

Prior to "Johnny the Walrus" getting harpooned, GLAAD and Media Matters for America were were hoppin' mad.

Brennan Suen of Media Matters tweeted that it's "totally unacceptable that @amazon is listing Matt Walsh's anti-trans children's book as an 'LGBTQ+ Book' -- also goes to show how easy it is for conservatives to manipulate sales and make money off this grift."

Now it sounds like Suen's happier:

GLAAD retweeted Suen and offered its own takedown: "This is horrible. @AmazonHelp Please remove this book from the LGBTQ category immediately. It is absolutely not an LGBTQ book. It specifically targets transgender people with hateful and dehumanizing rhetoric."

Anything else?

Despite the censorship, Walsh kept winding up and throwing at the left, more than likely because they refuse to leave the batter's box — which is a testament to Walsh's expert trolling in this case.

"I am beginning to feel deeply marginalized and unsafe as an LGBT author and thought leader," he also tweeted Friday, presumably wiping away a waterfall of tears.

Walsh also noted Friday that "Jussie Smollett is not the victim of an anti-gay hate crime but I am."

“Johnny the Walrus” Read Along with Matt Walsh!youtu.be

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