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Police bodycam video shows woman on heroin passed out in McDonald's drive-thru with baby in the backseat: 'Breaks my damn heart, brother'

Image Source: WSB-TV YouTube video screenshot composite

Police body camera footage showed two police officers shocked to find a woman passed out at a McDonald's drive-thru from using heroin with a baby in the backseat of her car.

The video was released by the Marietta police to WSB-TV and showed two police officers emotionally disturbed by the incident from Cobb County in Georgia.

“Breaks my damn heart, brother,” said one of the officers on the video. “Dude, I’d never seen anything like this.”

Employees at the McDonald's called 911 to report the passed out woman.

“She’s clearly high off something, I don’t know,” said an employee to dispatchers. “She’s still in there, and the baby was just sitting there looking.”

The video shows the officers trying to wake up the woman and reassuring the 1-year-old child.

Arrest warrants detailed the reasons police believed she was intoxicated.

“[She] had pinpoint pupils when she regained consciousness, had difficulty formulating sentences with long pauses between words, and admitted under Miranda to have ‘used’ heroin approximately 15 hours prior,” wrote the police officer. “She was also having a very difficult time staying awake throughout the encounter.”

The woman was later identified as Kelsey Warren. The child was evaluated and then turned over into the state's care.

Marietta police officer Chuck McPhilamy told WSB that the officers found a syringe in the car. The video showed one of the officers holding it in the air. He added that they found cocaine in the car as well.

Warren faces numerous charges, including possession of a controlled substance, possession of cocaine, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

McPhilamy said it was not a rare occurrence.

“Sadly, we get these calls multiple times a week,” he said. “Not daily, but multiple times per week. It’s usually in the middle of an intersection."

Here's the video of the incident:

Video shows mother arrested after passing out at McDonald's drive-thru with baby in carwww.youtube.com

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