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Megyn Kelly tells Glenn Beck: Biden allegation is a 'haunting case'; Dem victim-shamers are 'disgusting'
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Following Tara Reade interview, Megyn Kelly tells Glenn Beck that Joe Biden allegation is a 'haunting case' — and victim-shamers are 'disgusting'


News veteran Megyn Kelly appeared on "The Glenn Beck Program" on BlazeTV and discussed her recent interview with Joe Biden sexual assault accuser Tara Reade.

Reade claims that Biden penetrated her with his fingers against her will while the two met in a Senate basement hallway in 1993.

Biden, however, has insisted that while all women should be believed, the incident Reade alleges simply never took place.

An abused woman determined to see the case through

During a Tuesday sit-down with Glenn Beck on "The Glenn Beck Program" on BlazeTV, Kelly detailed key parts of her interview with Reade, which she said contains some very credible allegations by Reade. Beck said Kelly was extremely thorough in her discussion with Reade, with "no question left on the table."

"How did you find [Reade] personally?" Beck asked.

Kelly, who said Reade was "delightful," pointed out that Reade is only just getting started in her fight against Biden but seems determined to see it through.

"She was perfectly kind, warm; she's been through the wringer. You could see that, too." Kelly said. "This is not a woman of great means. And, you know, when I got to her, she had, I think, the night before hired — well, not hired. She's not paying him. Gotten a lawyer and a PR person, for the first time in this whole thing. So she, for the first time, felt a little more steady. You know, she's had no protection. And she's out there. She's on a very thin reed."

Kelly explained that Reade, because of the accusations, has taken the full force of social media's angst. Social media, in turn, has dredged up all sorts of alleged information that is irrelevant to the case and seems only to be circulating such personal information in an attempt to smear Reade and her credibility.

According to Kelly, a variety of social media users have circulated Reade's banking history, such as bounced checks, have made death threats against the former Senate staffer, and even shared personal photos of the former Senate staffer's close family.

"I think she was expecting to have her credibility questioned," Kelly added.

She later said that Reade was taking the full brunt of social media scorn, however, over the allegations.

"People are so nasty — social media is so awful," Kelly added. "So I think she's a little rattled, but all things considered, she was holding it together."

When personal lives become partisan fodder

Kelly later told Beck that Reade is in a particularly precarious situation because she has come out with an accusation against a political leader in an election year.

Pointing to Christine Blasey Ford's accusations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Kelly said that while the #MeToo movement has been beneficial in many cases, it has also become problematic in many ways.

The news veteran said that society has "overcorrected," and in many cases, the accused hasn't received fair due process.

"That's not OK, either," she insisted.

If Reade is telling the truth, however, Kelly said that she will be the perfect person to expose "the hypocrisy" of some Democrats.

Kelly said that viewers of the interview will "walk away with a good sense as to whether they're seeing a truth-teller or not."

Beck then went on to ask Kelly her own personal thoughts on Reade's allegations and whether she believes Reade to be genuine in her allegations against the Democratic presidential front-runner.

"I want to continue reporting on this case, and I shouldn't choose a side," Kelly said. "I definitely have my own belief, but it's irrelevant."

November 2020 isn't here yet

Beck, who said that Kelly told him that this is a "haunting case in more ways than one," pressed, "What do you mean by that?"

Kelly said that if the allegations against Biden are true, then it's "deeply disturbing information" on the presidential candidate.

"What kind of a man would, in passing, in a Senate hallway, when seeing a young staff assistant, sexually assault her, right?" Kelly said. "Do you really want this man as president?"

Kelly continued, countering, "If it's not true, what has happened to the country where someone can make an allegation? It can besmirch a former vice president, a former U.S. senator, and all the media now, finally is talking about it. ... It's just very easy to put that ring around someone's neck. Maybe unfairly."

Kelly also added that it deeply upsets her to know that people who profess to be women's advocates are insisting that Reade is lying simply because Biden is a beloved Democrat.

"[This case] exposed how false these people who are pretending they're women's advocates are," she said. "It upsets me as a woman, as someone who has actually stood for female empowerment for my entire life. I don't call myself a feminist, but I defy anyone to challenge me on standing up for female empowerment."

"I have done it," she insisted. "And I have the career that proves it."

Kelly said that she's disturbed by how people previously vilified Kavanaugh day in and day out across the news spectrum, but have given Biden — because he is a Democrat — what seems to be a media pass.

"The nonsense by these people who were protesting against Brett Kavanaugh were vicious against him. ... The 180 that they have done now that the allegations are against a Democrat trying to take down Trump ... is disgusting to me. Disgusting."

The Tara Reade Interview

Kelly released the interview on Friday, containing Reade's accusations, including some new, lurid information.

During the encounter, Biden reportedly told Reade, "I want to f*** you."

"I pulled this way, away from his head, and so he was kissing my neck area," Reade told Kelly during the exchange. "And he whispered, did I want to go somewhere else, in a low voice. He said some other things, I can't remember everything he said, but he said something vulgar."

Reade, who said that she was wearing crotchless underwear during the incident, said that she was reluctant to reveal that part of the encounter because she didn't want her mother to know. Reade said that she wore the lingerie panties to work that day and planned on meeting up with her boyfriend at the time after work concluded.

"It took [my mother] a while to get it out of me because I kept, I was embarrassed about the underwear I was wearing," Reade told Kelly.

Reade said that she previously praised Biden when he was running for office with former President Barack Obama because she wasn't ready to come out with her story at that time.

"During that time — I'm an expert witness on domestic violence issues, as you know, so that was, like an account, you know, part of that awareness of domestic violence and other violent acts," Reade responded. "I've always been conflicted about Joe Biden, I didn't want to talk badly about him. And I wasn't ready to tell my history with Joe Biden at that point at all."

Elsewhere during the interview, Reade called for Biden to drop out of 2020 presidential race. She also promised that she would go under oath and subject herself to cross-examination in order to testify about the alleged incident.

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