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Actor Michael Rapaport goes on ballistic, expletive-laden rant against hypocrisy of LA mayor, California governor: 'You f***!'


'This is why motherf***ers are pissed off and protesting!'

Photo by: Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Actor Michael Rapaport took to his Instagram page on Sunday and blasted Los Angeles Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti and California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom for their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are the details?

In a now-viral video, Los Angeles resident Rapaport slammed state and local COVID-19 restrictions after discovering an operational flea market near Fairfax High School.

Filming the flea market, a furious Rapaport said, "Yo, look at this s**t! The f***in' Melrose-Fairfax farmer's market is poppin'! And I have no problem with all of these people making their money and making a living, but how the f*** is this OK, but right across the street, all the cafes, all of the restaurants are shut down?"

"Look at this s**t!" he railed. "Get your money, but who's making the decisions here? Garcetti, you f***! Gavin Newsom with the f***in' good hair! You f***! Look, they got the music playing and all of this s**t! This s**t doesn't make any f***in' sense. This don't make any f***in' sense. This is why motherf***ers are pissed off and protesting!"

In late November, Garcetti put the kibosh on indoor and outdoor dining as COVID-19 cases climbed across the city. Newsom has also issued a regional stay-at-home order, demanding residents remain sheltered in place unless leaving for work, shopping, or other necessary travel.

Content warning: Rough language:

What else?

On Monday, Rapaport told TMZ's Harvey Levin that he doesn't understand why certain rules apply to some businesses, but not others.

"It tripped me out that two blocks away, one of my favorite restaurants that's had very spread-out, outdoor dining has been shut down and every single other place for outdoor dining — not even for indoor dining ... [Los Angeles is] a city for outdoor dining because of the weather. I was just surprised," he said.

"I don't understand the science and the logic behind you could have a flea market, but you can't have outdoor dining," Rapaport added.

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