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Over half of Gen Z and Millennial women think listening to Joe Rogan is a reason not to date someone, survey shows

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A recent survey of registered voters from Generation Z and the Millennial generation showed that the majority of women from these age groups consider listening to Joe Rogan, being a conservative, or even refusing to see the "Barbie" movie as a strong deterrent from dating a man.

Pew Research considers anyone born between 1981 and 1996 to be a Millennial and anyone born after 1997 to be Gen Z.

Change Research surveyed 1,033 registered voters between 18 and 34 years old about voting habits, the economy, and dating preferences.

For dating preferences, pollsters gave respondents a choice to apply a "red flag," "beige flag," or a "green flag" to a personality trait of a potential dating partner. A red flag is a bad warning sign and potential reason not to date someone. The results were somewhat peculiar.

More than half of women surveyed (55%) said that if a man said he "listen[s] to Joe Rogan," that would be a red flag. This was apparently as big a warning sign as a man who identifies as a communist (55%), a conservative (54%), or even a guy who said he refuses to see the "Barbie" movie (53%).

The biggest red flag for women in this age bracket was being a "MAGA Republican"; 76% of women said that was an obviously negative trait, followed by having no hobbies (66%) and saying "All Lives Matter" (60%).

Strangely enough, none of these compare to the idea of a man owning a gun, which was opposed to by just 27% of the survey's participants.

The 10%-20% range of red flags revealed what this voting bloc of women sees as relatively inconsequential in terms of a partner's ideology:

  • Being "into astrology" (20%);
  • Identifying as a liberal (19%);
  • Frequently posting on social media (19%);
  • Saying "Black Lives Matter" (14%);
  • "They take candid pictures of you" (10%);
At the same time, just 54% of this voting group said that they felt they would be able to one day afford to live in a neighborhood they feel safe in.

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