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10-year-old girl at the center of child sex abuse allegations found in foreign country after being missing since July

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Authorities say that 10-year-old Sophie Long — who has been missing since July — has been found in a foreign country, according to a report from Fox News.

The child's father, Michael Long, is in custody after being accused of kidnapping her earlier this year.

Long does not have custody of the child.

What are the details?

Sophie is set to be returned to her family in the United States after being located and placed in protective custody.

A press release from the Collin County Sheriff's Office read, "The Collin County Sheriff's Office confirms that Sophie Long has been located in a foreign country and is in protective custody. Arrangements are being made for her safe return to her family in the United States."

"Michael Long is in custody on a felony warrant for Interference with Child Custody. The United States government is working on the extradition of Long back to Collin County, Texas."

"Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner stated, 'Many months of determined work by my deputies, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the U.S. Marshals paid off this morning,'" the statement continued. "'We are so happy that Sophie is safe.'"

The release concluded, "No additional information regarding this case will be released until Sophie is back on U.S. soil."

What else?

Sophie's father told the Daily Mail during an August interview that he was willing to go to jail to "protect" his daughter.

In July, Long refused to return Sophie to her maternal aunt following a visit, saying that he feared for her safety after the child claimed to have been sexually abused by her mother's fiancee.

"I'd absolutely go to jail to protect Sophie," he told the outlet at the time. "I'd do anything for her. She's a 10-year-old child. She shouldn't be dealing with this stuff. These high-conflict custody cases — this wasn't about getting into a custody case. This was about getting justice for my daughter. ... This is about a little girl who made an outcry and has a diagnosis and has not gotten justice. There's no way I'm going to turn my back on her now."

The outlet reports, "In a meeting with DailyMail.com in August, Sophie appeared happy to be with her father as she spoke about her grades at school and her favorite classes."

Sophie's story in August sparked a #StandWithSophie campaign on social media.

Long has insisted that his ex-wife's fiancé, Jacob Bellington, sexually abused the child, who was later diagnosed with a vaginal infection. Sophie corroborated her father's claims in a private meeting with a nurse, according to the report.

Bellington has denied the allegations and said that Long is simply trying to tear apart the family.

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