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Mom-to-be will birth her son twice in order to save his life: 'God was on his side'

Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images

New mom Jaiden Ashlea recently gave birth to her son, Levi James, and in order to save his life, she'll give birth to him a second time in July.

Say what?

Ashlea told the New York Post that doctors flagged a concerning development during a routine wellness check at her 18-week scan. Her doctor then deliverered the news that no parent wants to hear: Her unborn child was suffering from spina bifida.

“I was in shock. I couldn’t even speak when the doctor was telling us this,” Jacksonville, Florida, resident Ashlea said.

The news only got worse from there. Doctors then told her and her fiancé Noah Detrick that the child would likely be born brain dead and would have zero quality of life.

“I remember saying to myself, ‘This isn’t real, this isn’t happening,” Ashlea said. “It was a nightmare.”

Ashley explained, however, that she and Detrick refused to abort the baby and vowed to do whatever they had to in order to keep their family intact.

The couple and their unborn baby traveled to Orlando, where she found out about a surgery that could help repair the baby's spine.

According to the report, Ashlea went into surgery for the repair.

"Doctors made a Cesarean incision along her stomach, broke her water, and successfully repaired the sizable lesion, or abnormality, plaguing the L2 vertebrae in the baby’s lower back," the outlet reported. "Then, they repositioned the tot inside Ashlea’s tummy, sewed her up, and put her on strict bed rest."

Ashlea will remain on bed rest until the child can be delivered via C-section at 37 weeks — which ends up being in July.

“Since the surgery, [doctors have] seen so much more movement and signs of any malformation in his brain are reversing,” Ashlea explained. She also noted that doctors believe her born-again son may not have any major motor issues following his second birth. “He’s kicking his legs, and twisting his ankles in there. I can feel him moving.”

She added that she can't wait until she can meet her son.

“I’m excited for him to realize how many people were rooting for him, and how loved and special he is,” she added. “Not everyone gets the chance to have this surgery. And I want him to know that God was on his side.”

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