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Mother and son allegedly ran brothels together, paid prostitutes based on condom use

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A mother and son team ran a brothel out of a pair of adjoining apartments in Palm Beach County, Florida, reports say.

Investigators first became concerned about 28-year-old Glin Yan Zuniga Latin and his mother, 52-year-old Amparo Latin Barillas, when they received a report that the two had allegedly been trafficking 15-year-old girls for sex. Though that report has not been confirmed, during the course of their investigation, police say they did discover that Latin and Barillas were running a sex trafficking operation out of two apartments in Lake Worth Beach.

According to reports, the business operations there were rather unsophisticated. Interested "johns," or men who seek the services of prostitutes, would reportedly knock on the door of one of the apartments and hand Barillas $50 in exchange for a card. Once the john entered the apartment, prostitutes would all come out so that he could make his selection. He and his selected partner were then given a private room for 15 minutes, at which time the john would hand over the card, have a sexual encounter with the woman, and then leave.

While Barillas allegedly worked the door, Latin allegedly operated and managed the business in general. He had been suspected of engaging in other incidents of sex trafficking in the past but had never been charged.

During a "knock and talk" at the apartment, investigators with the Palm Beach County Human Trafficking Task Force found one of the suspected prostitutes, 25-year-old Selene Calderon. Calderon allegedly told them that she worked three days a week and serviced between eight and 10 johns each shift. She stated that she was paid $25 for every used condom that she had collected by the end of the workday. She also reported that prostitutes at that brothel offered only "vaginal sex" and that the adjacent apartment was considered a separate brothel business.

Investigators believe that the mother and son operated that business as well. They discovered that the two regularly made cash deposits into their bank accounts, but they could not find any other source of income for the suspects.

Latin was arrested on January 6, and Barillas was arrested on January 12. Both have been charged with deriving support proceeds of prostitution and maintaining a house of prostitution. Latin paid a $5,000 bond and was released, while Barillas remains in custody on a $30,000 bond.

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