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MSNBC's Chris Matthews finds a fresh new way to compare Trump to Hitler


At least he's getting creative now

Image Source: YouTube screenshot.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews couldn't keep from comparing President Donald Trump while discussing the administration's response to the recent revelations from the Mueller investigation.

Matthews was asking Philip Rucker, the White House bureau chief for the Washington Post, to comment on a recent tweet from the president declaring that he was cleared of any criminal accusations.

"He's trying to create an alternate reality," responded Rucker, "he's been doing this for some time with regard to the investigation and its his strategy to continue to do that, and he feels like he can use his megaphone, his Twitter handle, to communicate directly to his supporters, to tell them what to believe, and they are banking on, he is, and his advisors are banking on those tens of millions of Americans out there to believe him."

"So when he says he's totally cleared," he added, "they will think he's totally cleared."

"I guess it's like the Germans believe that the name who we never can quote, or never mention," said Matthews, referring to Hitler, "said that Poland, that Poland invaded Germany, that's why World War II started, Poland invaded Germany, remember?"

"He was able to get away with that baby," he concluded.

The president had tweeted in response to revelations about the Mueller investigation on Friday, saying simply, "Totally clears the President. Thank you!"

Critics of the president said that the revelations didn't exonerate him, and in fact his former attorney Michael Cohen told prosecutors that he had acted at the behest of the president when he violated campaign finance laws.

Here's the video of Matthews' historic comparison:

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