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Native man whose sex-change operation brought him nothing but 'discomfort and pain' is now battling with Canadian government to get euthanized
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Native man whose sex-change operation brought him nothing but 'discomfort and pain' is now battling with Canadian government to get euthanized

The Canadian government is more than willing to euthanize the poor and the disabled, but appears reluctant to exterminate someone suffering the consequences of another controversial service it promotes and provides.

Lois Cardinal is a 35-year-old native man who lives on an Indian reserve near St. Paul, Alberta, and describes himself as "post-op transsexual woman of 14 years."

Since his sex change appears to have brought him nothing but "constant discomfort and pain," Cardinal attempted to take the Trudeau government up on its promise of euthanasia. However, he recently had his bid rejected — a decision he has since characterized as a "human rights concern."

Cardinal has shared his story online, shedding a light on the consequences of gender ideology and its statist supports.

What's the background?

Like other victims of sex-change mutilations and/or sterilizing hormone therapies, Cardinal is stricken with remorse.

TheBlaze previously reported that late last year, Cardinal bared his soul online, claiming that the system rushed him into a surgery that he "wasn't yet ready for. One that resulted in [his] sterilization."

Cardinal detailed in a January Twitter thread how he began experiencing severe complications with his vaginoplasty a few years ago, which required that he undergo a surgery to keep his false vagina from closing as well as subsequent efforts to keep it open.

Cardinal's mental state fast deteriorated to the point of a seeming identity crisis, wherein he "forgot which genitalia [he] had and it caused so much stress and [he] was in and out of the hospital," he wrote.

His mental anguish appears to have been further compounded by the recognition that, unlike friends and family members whom he'd watched have kids and prosper, he wouldn't similarly be able to procreate.

Recognizing that he might satisfy the criteria for Canada's Medical Assistance in Dying program, Cardinal indicated he was applying in January, having concluded he did not "want to get old in this body."

To be eligible for MAID, applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  • "be eligible for health services funded by a province or territory, or the federal government";
  • "be at least 18 years old and mentally competent";
  • "have a grievous and irremediable medical condition";
  • "make a voluntary request for medical assistance in dying"; and
  • "giver informed consent to receive medical assistance in dying."


While the Canadian health care system is reportedly one of the world's most permissive both for sex-change procedures and for state-facilitated exterminations of the infirm, the weak, the poor, and the unborn, Cardinal told the Daily Mail that his MAID application has been rejected.

According to the forms he posted online and shared with the Daily Mail, Cardinal's unnamed doctor noted that his underlying problem was "pain/anxiety related to neo-vagina for gender affirmation."

The doctor appeared to have indicated "yes" when asked, "Did the patient's illness, disease or disability, or their state of decline cause them enduring physical or psychological suffering that was intolerable to them and could not be relieved under conditions that they considered acceptable?"

However, the doctor concluded, "Based on current clinical information and consultations [Cardinal] does not meet current MAID criteria," unlike the 13,500 Canadians reportedly put down by the state under MAID last year.

The Daily Mail reported that Cardinal may have been denied because alternative treatments could be said to address his problem, such as the "numbing cream" he was prescribed for his so-called "neo-vagina," which he has stressed doesn't work.

Cardinal told the Daily Mail that doctors appear more interested in using his chosen pronouns than actually resolving his pain.

"I'm not getting any better and nor am I experiencing better medical care, or any medical care," said Cardinal.

Rejecting the ideology responsible

Although Cardinal indicated he will reapply for MAID in the coming months, in the meantime he will continue his fight against the ideology responsible for his present situation.

In June, he posted a video to social media wherein he torched the transgender component of the LGBT activist flag.

The caption on his video read, "I DO NOT stand for transitioning the gay away. I DO NOT stand for the mutilatization [sic] of children. I DO NOT stand for the sterilization of anyone. Transition is conversion therapy, and I will NOT STAND for it."

Canada's ban on conversion therapies, like Michigan's new law, does not apply to conversion therapies that seek to render the patient non-straight or transgender.

Last year, Cardinal stressed that children "are being swept into gender ideologies and fast tracked to blockers, hormones, surgeries - irreversible treatments. A 'cure all' to mental health issues. Protect children."

On July 24, he called on "ALL levels of governments and offices to reconsider their stance on 'gender affirming care'."

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