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NBC suspends hockey analyst Jeremy Roenick for making 'inappropriate' comments during a podcast


NBC has announced that it is suspending hockey analyst Jeremy Roenick for what it called "inappropriate" comments about his coworkers during a recent podcast on Barstool Sports.

Roenick — a former NHL player who made five all-star teams during his 20-year career — made the comments during a recent taping of the "Spittin' Chiclets" on Barstool Sports. Barstool Sports features a "no holds barred," politically incorrect and sometimes ribald approach to sports reporting. Both the site and its reporters have frequently been targets for the outrage police on social media.

During the interview, Roenick discussed a recent overseas trip he made with his wife, Tracy, and fellow NBC hockey personality Kathryn Tappen. According to Roenick, they went on the trip together because his wife and Tappen are good friends. During the interview, Roenick jokingly said that walking around with his wife and Tappen made him feel like the "king of Portugal," because, "When you walk into every place and you have two blonde bombshells on each side ... your chest pops out a lot more."

Roenick went on to say that during the trip, he was approached by a woman who asked if both his wife and Tappen were with him. Roenick jokingly replied, "Yes, they are," and went on to explain that he continued to banter with the woman and jokingly pretend that both of the women were romantically involved with him at the same time: "I play it off like, you know, we're going to bed together every night, the three of us... Now, if it really came to fruition that would really be good, but it's never going to happen."

Roenick also got in trouble for comments about fellow male NBC hockey analyst Patrick Sharp — who is also a former NHL player. Riffing off the banter about Tappen, the podcast hosts asked Roenick if he would consider sleeping with Sharp, to which Roenick replied, "He is so beautiful. I'd have to think about it if he asked me... I wouldn't say no right away."

During the interview, Roenick also seriously praised the professionalism of both Tappen and Sharp, calling Tappen "one of the most professional sports personalities that I know," and calling Sharp "one of the greatest, greatest guys on the planet."

He also appeared to take a swipe at his own looks, as well as the looks of fellow analyst (and fellow former NHL player) Anson Carter, saying that it was good to have Sharp on the program because "It's good to have a beautiful face that talks well that knows the game because it's totally the opposite when me and Anson get on there."

According to the New York Post, NBC stated that Roenick's suspension will be without pay, and will be indefinite. NBC also refused further comment at this time. Neither Tappen, Sharp, nor Carter has yet commented publicly about Roenick's remarks.

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